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GVO Conference

I have been a member of GVO for over 14 months. They host many of my websites (inlcuding this blog you are reading now!) and I have been extremely satisfied with their support and programs. Just recently they helped me fix html code for one of my websites.

Currently as a member of GVO, I have access to GVO Conference, which is a 10 seat conference room where I can have people from all over the world join me in an online webinar, video/audio chat and more. They have continually upgraded this and are launching it as its own network marketing product. Currently, it is in the pre-launch phase, but it is still a working product. They have tweaked, added, sampled and more to make it the smoothest running software they could think of.

As mentioned above, whether it is hosting your own webinar, having an audio or video chat, sharing files or prospecting online, you want to make sure your system can withstand the fluctuations that regularly occur in the United States and around the world in regards to computer technology. As Joel Therien, the founder of GVO Conference puts it, this is all its own material with its own fiber optic hook up and own regulations. Becuase of this, they can charge whatever they want for it. Where you could be paying up to $100 per month with another company to host your webinars and more, Joel tells us you will love the price they are offering you (keeping it secret as this is currently the team building phase as well.)

I remember going to an informational meeting for Market America a few years back on a cold and snowy night, driving to someones house who has thought we would be a good fit into the company and sitting through an hour or so of their “opportunity.” They had flip charts and pamphlets for us to take and look over so we could make our own informed decission of whether or not we wanted to join their program. Later they told us about a webinar that we could watch to show some of our list of candidates (that we thought might want to check out the opportunity as well.)

Now this would have been nice to watch in the first place, where I could have gotten some general ideas and then moved forward with the physical meeting later on at the house. If I can get something done from home, it sure beats having to go out and away from the family for sure. I am sure many of you reading this will feel the same way when it comes to running your business. The idea that you could set it up and run trainings, FAQ sessions, webinars, audio and video chatting and much more from home should be very appealing for all business owners.

David Gardner is a Member of Global Virtual Opportunities on Company Profiles

One example would be for people in the multi level marketing or MLM industry, in that they could save on the travel and renting of hotel rooms and instead have people enroll in one of their online webinars and participate that way. I know it is a different dynamic than being their first hand, but with the changes in technology today, people want things to be easier and easier to access. Heck, I went to one of the Market America hotel meetings and they wanted $15 to attend and called it a training session. For the members themselves they wanted $5 each time they brought someone else to view the opportunity and made it out to be like a dues fee! I found that somewhat strange that they had to pay to see the opportunity. I considered it a chance to educate myself in how the “system” works sometimes.

People do not want to pay to have to hear stuff, instead invite them to the no risk, no cost , webinar where they can learn more from the comfort of their home and are not put into an akward position of chatter with someone face to face over a product they might not care to promote. There is a whole slew of ideas that can be put to debate on MLM companies, but that is for another story.

As technology continues to change, Joel Therien has continued to change his business as well.  GVO Conference is going to make your life much easier for your company. Lets say for example you are a health food store near a large grocery store. You are probably paying a lot in advertising to get people to come to your store, so being in the mind of spending money, you might as well invest some of that instead to a program that can help improve your customer relations. With conference room software you can set up webinars where customers can come and see new ways to use health food and vitamins in conjunction with a fitness routine. Or there could be a weekly cooking session where the store uses their own items (so people know exactly where they can get everything of course!) and make a full meal. The ideas and possibilities for having a conference room are multiple As a science teacher, another example I can see for using this software is for having nighttime study or review sessions for my students. A coach could put up highlights or a new play for the team to check out for the next day. Distance learning courses or meeting are made easy and can save companies thousands of dollars per year without having to fly their employee to meetings when they can stream it live. As I see this GVO Conference software as something that can be used in almost any business or even for your own family fun, I am sure you can come up with ideas of your own as well.

I would appreciate you checking out GVO Conference for yourself and making your own informed decision. If you have any comments of questions please leave them below and I will answer to the best of my ability in my efforts to help you become successful in your business. This does have the option to be an MLM business for you if you decide, but there is no pressure to bring anyone else in. If you wanted to use it only for yourself and never promote it, that is up to you, but the option of doing it is there. As GVO Conference is new in the sense of being independent from GVO as a product, this really could be your opportunity to get in on the “Ground Floor,” but not have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours of your time driving to meetings and dragging your family and best friends with you. Heck, my brother might even like this one as he could implement it into his electrical sales position informing clients of new products that are coming out in a Q&A session. I know he likes to take the guys out golfing, but this can save his company some funds down the road as he would not have to drive to each client and give the same speach over and over again.

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Marketers I know like and trust

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1) Butterfly Marketing Software for Free (upgrade suggested): Get your Butterfly Marketing Membership website software package today.  The upgrade is a priceless investment as it will bring you many of Mike Filsaimes key products.  Check out the site I put together with this software at

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Mike Dillard:

1) Magnetic Sponsoring: Be sure to check me out on Page 2 of this book as Mike let me add a little bit into it as a HUGE favor to me!

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Russell Brunson:

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6) The Second Tier: become an affiliate as well of Russell Brunson Products

Animoto-Turn your pictures and audio into a movie: This was suggested by Russell Brunson, but is not one if his products.  Here is a video I made for Russell Brunsons DarkSide of DotComSecrets

Joel Therien:

GVO Hosting-A complete Marketing Package to run your online business: unlimited Autoresponders, opt-in forms and templates, video edditing, web hosting, conference room, 24 hour live support and much more for less than $50 per month

GVO Conference: Run your business from home with 50 seat conference rooms (or larger if necessary) where you can complete webinars, prospecting, video and audio chat, file exchange and much more for lower monthly fees than any competitor for the same size rooms

As I have mentioned in the videos, you do need to invest in your success.  Whether it is time, money or both, you need to be consistent in your efforts.  Checking out other marketers is also important to hear things from a different perspective, though at the same time it is important to work through the information overload that can exist when you start moving in many directions and training in many courses (which I like many others am guily of as well).

Like BobTheTeacher says, Take Action Revise Later, or TARL for short.  I actually have a piece of paper I carry around in my wallet with this abbreviation with a list of the many things I need to do or to work on to reach success.  I use to carry it in my pocket, but it got so warn out, I had to replace it, then one day I totally lost the second one and was worried I would not be able to remember a program or item that needed attention.  Out of nowhere, my daughters friend found it soaked and stuck in the corner or my driveway against the brick wall!  I was pumped to get it back and decided my wallet would provide a safer haven for it.

Take Action Revise Later TARL recovered Paper

Here is the TARL paper that was lost and found days later in the driveway

Regardless of how you attempt to keep yourself going, the main idea is that you do.  As I always tell my student, “You get out of it what you put into it.”  Work hard and share your success.  Leave a comment and make us aware of what you are doing to make it work for you!

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