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Social media for the online marketer

So recently I have been taking time away from social media and when I do go there it seems as though I may be pushing too much….but I just can’t believe the material and content that is coming out lately that I feel the world should know about.

If you are like me, this is most likely how your social media life has been online.  Too many offers, not enough time.  We all fall into this trap and it is ok to realize this.  Making the appropriate changes to improve your branding and ability to conquer the almight task of being someone you can “KNOW, LIKE and TRUST” can be daunting for some.  It is not impossible though.

Dripping in quality offers or suggested sites here and there is the norm it seems and often many posts get overlooked and pass into the abyss of messages.  If it is an affiliate offer, this might not do you any good as the product hype might die down and thus you have wasted space online. 

Now, what if you had written a short review article of the same product and added a link to your site/blog etc. on the social media sites.  Now this would be recognized by the search engines as having backlinks from quality sites and increase your rankings on sites like google which of course is what we all want.  We want to rank high for keywords related to our websites.

Developing relationships and getting involved in conversations in social media is a great way to improve your chances in the “KNOW, LIKE and TRUST” world where people will start to recognize the consistent value you provide for them…Be giving and they will come!

Without beating the social media donkey, to round out the post I want end by stating the obvious…warm people up before you try to jump in their marketing pants!

Russell Brunson is a little snot wow package

Russell Brunson is a little snot!  That is what I burst out laughing too a while ago, while I was listening to one of the many items I got in the WOW package from Russell Brunson, of Dot Com Secrets fame.  Really!  Yes, Really, this was something he talked about that was ranked high on google when you search for “little snot”…Don’t beleive me, then go search it yourself on Google.

Now you are probably thinking, why would, or could an internet marketer come up with such a random keyword and rank #1 for it on google?  If you checked it out, there really is not even a story there any more about it as it was something of the past, but you can get to his new site as well.  To put it to you bluntly…the man knows stuff!  If you are a guru or a newbie in the internet marketing field, you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not jump on what Russell Brunson tells you.

I recently had the opportunity to take him up on Russell Brunson’s WOW package…which like every marketing guru is set up to reel you into their funnel…well, I was pulled in quick, though the content provided in PHYSICAL products alone was worth the cost of the $60 or so bucks it cost to send the nearly 17 pound box of materials as seen in the video below.

 I am still going through some of these products today, though some of them for the second or third time as Russell as a quick manner of explaining things, but in an easy to comprehend way…by no means is it rocket science.

Whether it was some old issues of his print newsletter, courses such as Affiliate Incubator or the extensive audio of the 12 month millionaire, I have made a small invenstment in what could be used for years to come to benefit my business.  I am actually a Paltinum member of Russel Brunson’s Dot Com Secret University, which includes full access to many of his products that typically go for $497 such as Micro Continuity, The Dark Side of Dot om secrets, Self Improvement Millionaire and much more for only $97 a month as well as the 40 plus page color newsletter sent home every month as well as the ability to have cell phone contact with him and his team for texting questions in regards to marketing.

See the video below of me showing more about what you get and how you can benefit from a membership with the Dot Com Secrets University

The last I knew, Russell Brunson was releasing his wow package with the idea that you would give his University of try.  So as an honest member, I welcome you to get the Russell Brunson Wow Package and University membership, join the forum and start ripping through the courses to bring your business to another level.

Russell Brunsons Hair Pulling marketers

So are you a hair pulling marketer?  As in, are you pulling your own hair out to try to figure it all out?

Everyone goes through struggles of course as diving into the get quick rich schemes of course are just that, SCHEMES!

It does not have to be this way though if you learn and actually use what you learn.  Trying to re-create the wheel at this point when there are so many marketers out there today doing all these amazing techniques of traffic generation, or developing some great new program.  All you have to do is sign up for a list and you can be inundated with offers from affiliates.  Now, do not get me wrong, I love being an affiliate for many people.

As word to the wise here as I am not pushing anything (at least in this sentence!) is that you should aleast own the product or have seen some good review copy of it before you start pushing it out to your list.  It amazes me how the Guru’s put out swipe files for their affiliates to pull emails from, then I end up getting a slew of the same emails from many difference marketers.  These guys do not even take the time to edit and change or personalize the content of the email..Weak if you ask me, especially when some of them claim to never follow this practice and always try to make it personal.

I think time have become too much of an issue and they are having some ghost writer or emplyees push these out daily in an attempt to rack up huge commissions with their huge lists.  This of course leaves the little man as the “Hair Pulling Marketers” as they obtain only a few sales, if any.

A great way to smooth into the transition of becoming an internet marketer and keep some of that lovely hair on your head would be to join forums and learn from the mistakes of others so that you can become a guru in your niche some day.  I have joined Russell Brunson’s Tribe (actually as a Platinum member) but this has a free member forum that is good for anyone to join where you can get tips and tricks on almost all areas of marketing.  You could pay out for some of this information, but in the beginning, you want to save money, especially in these economic times.

I highly suggest you reduce your stress level by learning everything on your own, which I so stupidely seem to keep doing and enveloping myself in the world of information overload!  By getting in on discussions you can learn from others mistakes easier than wasting a lot of time and money on your own.  You can also leave links to your site with the signature, which is highly recommended as this can drive traffic for you when you are not there for years to come when others search the forum for information.

So if you are just sitting around wondering how you are going to compensate for economic deficiencies that are occurring,come hang with us at the Dot Com Secrets Tribe!

Elevation Group Sale

Just a quick post here following up my post from a month or so ago, but Mike Dillard has re-opened The Elevation Group and is giving a massive 50% Discount on the Monthly and 75% discount on the yearly cost for a few more hours (set to expire February 13, 2011 until midnight) after which it will be back to regular full price.

In this short video, Mike Dillard give an exclusive look at the back office to the Elevation Group (which I also did in the other post as well at  Along with this, whether you choose now or when the cost goes up, I will still honor my offers of certain bonuses…go read the past post to find out more.

There is no time to keep wasting time reading here, when he can explain it much better, but come join us now if you have any financial sense and responsibility.

See you there at The Elevation Group!

GVO Hosting 30 day free trial

I just found out from my “other” host provider, GVO Hosting, that they are going to be allowing a 30 day Free trial of their complete service which includes, but is not limited to hosting, autoresponders, video storage, live training, blogger builder, conference room for live webinars/chat etc., prospecting systems, 24 hour live support and more!

Having control over everything in the same place has helped to streamline my business as it groes.  Instead of having to deal with 5 or more different places and then getting billed by 5 different places, one benefit here is the make you billing simpler that it was before.  It should also bring down the cost of your montly expenses as they are extremely competitive with companies like Aweber and GoToMeeting.

For those who are just starting out, this is crucial in order to develop into an alpha marketer.  When potential clients see that you have the ability to carry out all these functions, they are more apt to trust your character and listen to what you say.

Now if you are really trying to figure out the benefits of the wholesystem they have here at GVO Hosting, I have a quick list about all the major features here:

1) Hosting:  Depending on the package you choose, you can get more bandwith and storage than you would ever need.  I think Hosting at places like Host Gator and GoDaddy can both be good, but may be limited in their overall capabilities and whether or not they have cPanel options.

2) Auto-responders:  What other way would be easier to set-it-and-forget-it.  When someone opts into your log, you want them to be able to get a series of messages that may do anything from educate a person with quality content to keeping them updated to great offers and specials.  Typing up a series of messages in advance will secure these get delivered to your clients in a consistent manner.  Having the ability to send out a “blast” or “broadcast” on the spot helps to get a quick and easy message out to all the current members only.

3) Video Storage: Depending on the type of site you want to run, you might have videos that you include as training and want to have these protected so that not everyone can see them.  Options such as YouTube and Amazon S3 are avalable, though the ability to go viral or extra money required can be an issue.

4) Live Training: many times during the week they host live training sessions online that will help you develop your sites, use the whole program to its capacity.  This can be a good refresher for seasoned veterans and a blessing for newbies who are trying to learn the ropes without having to spend additional money on course.

5) Blogger Builder:  Blogs are the way to go these days….you are reading this are you not?  And again, this is something extra that people are worried about in regards to where and how to install this.  Blogger Builder is actually the newest addition to GVO Hosting. Instead of having to go through cPanel, you will instantly be able to start a blog through your hosting dashboard

6) Conference Room: Audio, video, text chatting as well as live webinars (plus the ability to capture them) are just the beginning.  You can also show live web surfing, desktop sharing and whiteboard options.  I previously wrote about all these benefits in the separate GVO Conference in another blog as this is also a stand alone product and is a good idea when you need a larger conference room.  Whether you are prospecting for a business or talking to a relative, the conferencing software is very beneficial.

7) Prospecting System:  See above.  If you are involved in online marketing, you most likely have looked into network marketing in one form or another.  With easy to use opt in forms, templates and links, you can easily share your information for others to check out your service.

8) 24 Hour Live support:  I can not say enough about these guys.  Whether I was chatting live with tech support or submitted a ticket, I usually receive a follow up message very soon thereafter.  They have helped with coding issues as well as general questions in the almost 2 years I have been their client.

So if you have been struggling to keep your accounts organized or if you’re in need for a change from your “regular” hosting provider,  give GVO Hosting a try today for free for 30 days with no credit card required.

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