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YourReviewGuru, David Gardner, is a science teacher (Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science), lacrosse coach, online marketer/web site developer and former Peace Corps Volunteer who is trying to help his wife be able to stay home and raise their three daughters.  In the summers he paints interiors and is the owner of Barefoot Painting and More.

In terms of lacrosse, his recent venture into the Lacrosse Packguy organizational tool, has brought about alot of buzz on the internet.  You can see this lacrosse tool at his site  He will continue to improve this site so as to make it an imformative location for players to develop their game and locate gear to help their game.

In the online world, David has recently partnered up with David Corcoran, the author of the Downforce Guitar-Volume 1: Major and Minor Triads as well as 100 Finger Picking Styles.  David Gardner turned both of these printed books into digital volumes along with a membership website located at    He has many websites and programs he is currently affiliated with that relate to Online Traffic Generation, Attraction Marketing, Online web hosting packages (where he hosts all of his sites) and much more,  while others are in the works.

Dave Gardner, Owner of Barefoot Painting and More
On top of Cornell University Summer 2009

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