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Affiliate cash snipers review and bonus offer

Affiliate Cash Snipers by Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi has been selling massive quantities on clickbank. This customizeable software allows viewers to pick products that meet their needs and desires.

Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi have been working for the last few months to bring out this new affiliate marketing software called “Affliate Cash Snipers“.  Instead of your common ad or link that focuses on one destination and product only, typically of the authors decision, the Affiliate Cash Snipers allow the customer to easily manipulate the advertisment to best suit their needs.

The following video is about 25 minutes, so feel free to sroll through my review and demo run showing how simple the software is to use.  Below the video is an actual sample of a sniper you may check out as well as them being placed in various locations around my blog.  I also give details to my bonus below as well as a special secret tip near the end of the video that keep some hard earned dough in your pockets

An Affiliate Cash Sniper in action:

My Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus: It would not be a sale without Bonuses right? You have to use my links and see “baresales” on your clickbank order form in order for you to qualify.

Bonus #1: Text Message and email coaching for life! I will provide you with my info so you can ask any questions you want from getting your first sniper up on your first blog to helping drive traffic to that website. (Priceless!)

Bonus #2: Silver membership into the Affiliate Profits Club. This is a mastermind group featuring major internet marketers such as Ewen Chia, Mark Joyner, Micheal Cheney, Robert Puddy, Edmund Loh and the co-Creator of Affiliate Cash Snipers, the honorable Mike Mograbi. ($27 value)

Affiliate Profits Club Bonus

Bonus #3: I will give you access to some killer MMR and PLR products. You can even give some away for free when you start to build your own lists with information you learn in the 15 week course as an ethical bribe. This will come to your door in Physical DVD Format with some unnanounced bonuses, like the two reports I authored on Generating traffic and Using Social Media/Google Pages and Affiliate Sales to boost your business. Some of the titles include:

  1. 350 Social Media Tactics
  2. One Month-1000 Members
  3. Keyword Domination
  4. Webinar Basics
  5. Facebook Marketing Secrets
  6. Legal Pages Generator
  7. The Article Wizard
  8. Understanding SEO
  9. Your First Sale Online
  10. Online Profit Streams

Bonus #4: When you take at least one of the Upgrades: Again, you must take at least one upgrade with Affiliate Cash Snipers to qualify for this package:

  • I will send you a physical Copy of Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript v.3.0 ($97 value)
  • I will send you a physical DVD of the Manuscript along with two of Mike Filsaimes best selling products, Viral Friend Generator and Powerlink Generator ($597 value)
    Butterfly Marketing 3.0 by Mike Filsaime physical 155 page book shipped to your home
    Thats me with the Physical Butterfly Marketing 3.0 Book

    I am here to help as well as the big guns like Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi, who have come up with this great software. Now it is in your hand to to come over and pick you your Affiliate Cash Snipers today!

By David Gardner

I am a science teacher, lacrosse coach and father of three who is also involved in online marketing and sales. My biggest goal right now is letting my wife be able to stay home and raise our daughters. When school is not in session, I paint interiors and like to travel. In the past I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, working in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific from 1998-2000.