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Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Report by Michael Rasmussen

Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi release their Affiliate Marketing 3.0 report showing the revolution occurring in the world of affiliate marketing.
Find out how you can get your fair share of the commissions in this report.

As I wait for my first training session in the Marketing with Anik course that starts tonight, I am excited to announce the long awaited release of Micheal Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi, Affiliate Cash Snipers!

They had been ready to go back in November, but kept wanting to improve the software as well as provide the best combination of tools along with it and therefore pulled back their efforts.  I was somewhat disappointed as I was ready to run with it when Black Friday came around, though knowing these guys, it will be well worth the wait.

In the short report they put out, they are telling you that Affiliate Marketing 3.0 is here!  It is all about the Revolution going on between big companies like Walmart, Target, JC Penny’s and more and their efforts to get you in on a piece of the pie financially.

As the advertising world continually evolves, these stores would be nuts to leave you out of the picture in regards to bringing them traffic and Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi are all over this with the new software that is coming out.

To add the monster of Amazon to the mix is going to turn heads quicker than a whip cracking!

Come see what the Affiliate Marketing 3.o report by Michael Rasmussen is all about.

Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Report
Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Report

While you read this, you might be thinking about how well your affiliate campaigns have been going, or perhaps even that you finally want to start being an affiliate.  This will be the next great mover in online marketing in regards to affiliate commissions and generating sales easier.

Get your Affiliate Marketing 3.0 report here!

Once you read the report, make sure you continue to check your email from the two Mike’s to stay up to date when the product finally goes live on January 24, 2012 and you can get your software and take over your affiliate sales.

For those that do invest in the software, I will have some nice bonuses for you which I have included below:  Some are dependent upon completion of the guarantee/rebate period.  I will make a commission on the sale and have to wait to get paid and thus may elect to delay shipment of physical products until the time period is comeplete.

  1. A 30 minute phone consulation with me helping to set up your affiliate efforts (Value $97)
  2. The Speedy Profit Creator DVD mailed to your home which has 10 videos up to an hour long getting you started from buying a domain to adding graphics to your site (our talk could even be about this!) (Value $97)
  3. 6 Months text message coaching on anything related to marketing online (Value $ 597)
  4. My Top Affiliate programs list and how to easily add html code to your sites to make them work for you. This short report will help you get started in affiliate sales or build upon what you already have going for you. (Value $47)
  5. Membership into the Affiliate Profits Club (a real $27 value in itself with info from great marketers like Seth Joyner, Ewen Chia and more) where I’ll give you a backdoor silver membership.

So go read the Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Report by Michael Rasmussen now and get your self a head start on others sticking with the same game plan in their affiliate programs and not earning what they should be earning.


By David Gardner

I am a science teacher, lacrosse coach and father of three who is also involved in online marketing and sales. My biggest goal right now is letting my wife be able to stay home and raise our daughters. When school is not in session, I paint interiors and like to travel. In the past I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, working in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific from 1998-2000.