Podcast Your Way to a World of Smartphones and iPads

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Now that technology has exploded where even the youngest school children are getting their own smartphones at an early age, you are seeing a change in the way people learn. Many may be taking time away from their books and Cd purchases and instead downloading ebooks, audiobooks, digital files and Podcasts for instant gratification.

The focus here is on the later of these file types, the “Podcast”. A Podcast is basically an electronic file that is in audio format, often an mp3 that can easily be downloaded onto a computer or smartphone, iPad/iPhone etc. This allows someone the opportunity to start listening right away. If you are in a business, this is a phenomenal way to get your content out to the masses quickly and very cost effective.

Using a program like audacity, you can easily record your message and save as an mp3 format, upload it to your own web hosing program or to many free sources that will take a file. You will often get a link so you know where to send your visitors to. If you are an experienced online marketer, you know about cloaking your links to protect your content, otherwise, people might figure it out (which could be a problem if you are trying to sell the mp3).

If you want to sound more professional you can add professional quality voice overs, intro/exit music and theme music, and this all can come easier with practice. There are of course many services out there that will do it all for you, but that will kind of defeat the purpose of your gain. When you make it big, this might be something to visit in regards to outsourcing your work.

To make yourself available, so the world of smartphones and iPads can find you, you can submit your work to sites like iTunes. Where there is a large amount of free downloadable podcasts. Weekly updates or radio shows are available as well that members can subscribe to get your weekly content. If you plan on giving away free content though, I would suggest keeping it basic and not giving away all your tips. For the big tips, save these for the paid members or a special forum of elite subscribers that you can monetize later on with a similar product that you make or are affiliated with.

There are many professesions who can benefit from podcasts both as a teaching and learning tool, so do not think you do not have what it takes in order to be successful with podcasts. If you set aside 15 minutes you could probably get one online and see just how easy it is!

David Gardner, of thinks you can learn quickly how to take a simple podcast and use it to promote and grow your business or even teach someone something new! You can find out more about easy ways to complete a podcast at and see a special message from David Gardner today!

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