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Don’t be the next burglar victim

In today’s economy, we all need to make money somehow. We also need to protect those things that this money buys and even more importantly protect ourselves, our loved ones and our homes.

As the saying goes, “Expect the best, prepare for the worst!” There is no shame in being prepare. It of course if better to pro-active than reactive. In many cases you might not have enough time be reactive. For example, if you are overcome, or jumped, by a stranger lurking around your house, you might only have a fraction of a second, if that to recover and get your bearings.

A few simple steps can quickly help to dramatically reduce the chances of this even happening. My associate, Greg Schmidt has put together a short video and guided checklist of some quick and easy fixes you can do to your yard/home as well as suggest to your neighbors, so that they too can be safe.

The more well prepared the neighborhood is, the less likely there will be an issue of theft and burglary. As the other saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Taking necessary steps, which you can start to implement this week and weekend are going to have massive benefits for you down the road in terms of improving your overall safety.

Go see what Greg has to say at: ==>

Don’t just watch it though, make sure you download/watch the video as well as leaving a comment on Greg’s page. Last I checked there were over 1200 informed citizens

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By David Gardner

I am a science teacher, lacrosse coach and father of three who is also involved in online marketing and sales. My biggest goal right now is letting my wife be able to stay home and raise our daughters. When school is not in session, I paint interiors and like to travel. In the past I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, working in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific from 1998-2000.