Downforce Guitar methods physical Book now available

After almost two years I finally have a printed color version of the Downforce Guitar methods book ready to get out to the masses!

After spending many hours converting David Corcoron’s Downforce Guitar book into a digital product and member site back in the fall of 2009, making tweaks and updates along the way, the physical book is now alive! I had printed out a sample for myself to show people, but never moved forward with the actualy printing, though not to say I did not try!

Looking all over the net, I settled on CreateSpace, where you can self publish your works. As we are starting out with a low budget, I considered this the best way to go seeing that this is 93 pages of COLOR! It would not have been so bad if it were black and white, but almost every page here is color, whereas the original version was all black and white and less appealing to the eye.

As you see by the link, I am offering the book in a sort of free fashion. Right now you can go to our official website and join as a member and not even be offered a chance at a physical book as I have yet to update it. The physical book showed up at my garage today and is thus hot off the press and ready to go!

If you go to the website, you will have an option to join as a platinum member for a set cost, which included the digital version of the book as well as training videos and tips. When you check out the free physical version here I will thrown in your digital version and Platinum membership as a bonus.

As I mentioned “sort of free” there is one requirement in order to get the physical book mailed to you. I have made an agreement with TrialPay, where you will be presented with a series of offers or trials. When you partake in one of them, that company will pay me instead and I will send you the book for ‘Free’ and you get out of having to pay for it directly. In the mean time, perhaps you also picked up something else you needed through the trial offer with another company.

So head on over now to get your Downforce Guitar physical copy for free

This book covers the Major and Minor Triads and included 100 finger picking styles for the Downforce Guitar, the easy way to play the guitar.

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By David Gardner

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