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Medical professionals are stuck with the task of trying to be fashionable and yet comfortable. From Scrubs to clogs, badges to lab coats, it can be a struggle to find the right materials to wear when you are at work in the medical profession.

As I was checking out my facebook wall this morning I came across a friends message who said “I need some retail therapy, I tried shopping for new scrubs on line and it didn’t work!” Perhpas she just did not find the right place online, so I figured, hey!  Why not do a little post on Scrubs!

One of my favorite things is to sit and watch shows like Grey’s Anatomy with my wife every Thursday night.  We use to be into ER, but that changed of course.  As a HS biology teacher, I often refer to cases that appear in Grey’s Anatomy.  Now you would think that a great show like this would want to keep their characters fashionable, in which they do of course, so someone in the medical profession who is required to wear scrubs would want to look their best as well at work!

Did you know that Grey’s Anatomy Professional Scrub Wear by Barco is available
at! Scrubs and Medical Uniforms

Depeding on the type of medical profession you are in, you might want to look a little more serious (or plain) though with the medical fields dealing with animals and kids it is almost expected you have something on that looks fun and inviting.  The whole point of course is to get these scared little ones to like and trust you and what better way to do that by making them sit at ease with something they can relate to…not that the dog really knows who Sponge Bob Square Pants is! offers scrubs and more for men, women and students.  They have scrub tops and pants of course, but also have lab coats as well. For accessories they range from socks to bags and totes, stethoscopes, frosted utility scissors, retractamales ID badges, appreciation gifts and more.  Shoes range from Dansko to Timberland, Allegria to Nursemates.  In other words, my friend can definitely kill some time and have a therapy break by checking out the great stuff that has to offer! Scrubs and Medical Uniforms

If you are in the medical profession, or know someone who is, send them over to now so they can have their own therapy session as well!

By David Gardner

I am a science teacher, lacrosse coach and father of three who is also involved in online marketing and sales. My biggest goal right now is letting my wife be able to stay home and raise our daughters. When school is not in session, I paint interiors and like to travel. In the past I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, working in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific from 1998-2000.

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