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Local Marketing Little Fish Blueprint Bonus for Matt Bush FREE DVD

Happy Memorial Day weekend my Friends!

I am excited because the weather is great!

I am excited because the beer is cold!

I am excited becasue tomorrow I go to Boston!

Yeah, that is right, I am going with a buddy
of mine to see the Division III national
Championship lacrosse game featuring my boys
from Cortland State.

I played for them from 1994-1997 while in college
and am thrilled for them to be in the big game
again after getting knocked out in the playoffs
the prvious years by Tufts University.

This year though they go in undefeated and are
ready to fight hard for the championship.

Another reason why I am excited is becuase
of the $6 you are going to spend to conver the
shipping on a “f.r.e.e” DVD by my online buddy
Matt Bush.

I am excited because of the content he will be
giving you as well as…

…the bonuses I will be giving you as well.

Just for ordering the dvd, not even for
upgrading, I am going to hook you up big

Here goes: Just forward me your receipt for the
DVD and I will process your bonuses, though give
me a day or two to check with Mike and Matt to

Bonus #1: The Execution Factor: This is a new course
by Benjamin Jacques going for $27 and I am going
to hook you up with the digital book and 10 mp3’s to
compliment the book so you can choose to read or listen

This is a MUST read for anyone getting into the
marketing world

Bonus #2: I have mentioned some other local marketing
courses to you in the past and I will be finishing my
notes on them to share with you so you can conquer
your local market from all different angles. Coming
out soon but at no cost to you when you grab the DVD

These are based on courses from Laura Betterly and
Russell Brunson, two of the tops in there niches

Bonus #3: A 20 minute phone call or skype session with
me (depending on where you live!) to discuss anything
you want to help you improve your online business or
marketing techniques.

Remember, all you need to do is pay less than $6 for
the DVD and I am hooking you up with these three bonuses.

If you decided to take on his full course I will hook you
up with some special offers, but we can talk about that
on our phone consult.

So go now and grab the DVD and pass this email along to
your friends so they can score it as well.

Dave Gardner

PS Be on the lookout during the 4-7 hour EST on ESPN U
or on of their other channels that might be playin the
lacrosse game as you might see me on TV!

Votes needed for Dot Com Secrets X Kenya contest with World Teacher Aid

I need your help for about 5 minutes

You see, I am a finalist for a trip
to Kenya to help build a school
with World Teacher Aid

Why is this related to marketing?

It is part of the Dot Com Secrets X
challenge I have been taking part of
lately and they are using part of the
funds associated with member fees
to help build a school.

My buddy Russell Brunson has it down
to 17 of us and it is up to you to help
vote for the winner.

My video is #3 and has the Dot Com Secrets
logo on the top of it and World Teacher Aid
logo on the bottom.

I would be grateful for your support so that
I can go over and help build a school.

Over 10 years ago, I was a Peace Corps VOlunteer
in the Solomon Islands and appreciated Aussis Aid
as they had provided much of the funding for the
school I taught at, which you will see in the

I would like to do my part now in giving back
by going over to volunteering my time to
help build the school.

I need your help though in a vote…Just one
vote so you do not get your IP address disqualified
from the contest.

Again, my video was #3 in the listing!

Thanks in advance and I will keep you posted
to where I end up in the contest!

Dave Gardner

PS: if you are interested the course I am
taking with Russell Brunson is just $1 for
a 30 day training session and he is matching
it by donating a dollar to the Make a Wish foundation
as well as World Teacher Aid.

You can get in on the course here:

Butterfly Marketing Manuscript Speedy Profit Creator Bonus Addition

With just a few hours left, I am making the push and turning up the heat in the Speedy Profit Creator Launch by Omar Martin.

You get everything included at my Bonus page located at:

I am also throwing this in to really get you incentivized with a few hours left!

I will mail the physical 155 page Butterfly Marketing Manuscript version 3.0 to your house (after refund period passes) for taking part in the Mac Daddy level!

All you can do is learn from here and get that product you always wanted to make live for people to see and learn from. Heck you might even sell some and earn some bonus $$ to help you out in our horrible economy!

Street Smart Profits by John Cornetta, Frank Salinas and Cindy Batte

You just can’t resist controversial news can you. It is like a train or car wreck…You just have to look to see what is going on.

The same holds true for John Cornetta’s new Street Smart Profits!

He partnered with Cindy Batte and Frank Salinas to take over the streets on this course. This gets down and dirty. Right to the point of what you have to do to build your subscriber list to 350,000, just like John did.

The exclusive interview is just one perk of joining Street Smart Profits today.

You will learn every major way of building a traffic squeezing system for your business and then he keeps giving more on top of this.

There is a hidden gem inside the member are that recently sold for $197 and now you can get this AND all the training just for a mere $37! Just check out the original sales page here if you do not believe me, but I would not order it here though:

This Gem, Click Maximizer, is a Rotator link software that will blow your marketing mind and is being used by the best of the best. You get it included in your $37 training along with so much more

Check out the Street Smart Profits TODAY!

Dave Gardner

PS The Launch ends this week so make sure you grab this before it goes up to $97, or even worse, the Stree Thug comes out and wants $197 for the deal.


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