The Elevation Group is a new business by Mike Dillard which evolves around finances, investments and securing wealth for the future

The Elevation Group

The Elevation Group

Mike Dillard recently had a Beta Test for the Elevation Group and I was smart enough to get in while I could.  I have been using Mike Dillards products such as Magnetic Sponsoring, Building on a Budget, MLM Traffic Formula 2 and others for a while now as I have developed my online status.  Mike is a person who you will “Know, Like and Trust” from the beginning.  This is not becuase he is an all around nice guy, but because he really does not give a crap sometimes and will never sugarcoat things for you. 

If you are going to invest in someone who makes claims to bring you a ton of money with little effort needed, then you are a fool and need an awakening.  Hopefully you are not this way as well with your finances.  This is where Mike Dillards latest endeavor takes us.

Mike Dillard has created the Elevation Group to help you get prepared for what is to come in the next few months to years with the economy.  In Mikes Dillards initial video, he runs you through the 7 Economic Stages that we have repeated a few times in the last 100 years or so that have brought us from the depths of the recession to millionaire development to inflation and rising commodity costs.  If you were smart, or educated, enough to know these trends, you knew when to get in and get out of certain markets.

Now Mike Dillard is going out on a limb and telling us that investing in stocks is the worst we can do right now!  To keep the suspence up, I want you to go see what Mike Dillard has to say in his short intro video at the Elevation Group and stay in touch with my posts as I give a little more detail as well over the next few days!

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