End Of Year Special Thanks

Thanks for taking part in YourReviewGuru’s End of year special.

Your Speedy Profit Creator, Butterfly Marketing/Powerlink/Viral Friend Generator and Sunday Freebie DVD’s along with your Butterfly Marketing Manuscript v3.0 will be shipped out in the next few days!  Whoo Hoo!  Get ready to read and work!  Remember, nothing will come easily or for free when you develop a business.  There is always cost involved one way or another.

If you just can’t wait, you can read Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript v3.0 in digital form here:  It is a large file, so you might want to right click and “save target as” for an easier reading experience.

YourPick: Please send me an email (using the email/information you signed up with at Paypal to DaveGardner@YourReviewGuru.com letting me know which one you want me to do.  The Social Media profile, Google Place Page or a Blog set up.  if you do not have anything set up yet, I can suggest where to get a domain name as we all hosting options.  You can also check out the “toolbox” link in the menu bar above to check them out as well.

Cedric Aubry’s 43 WordPress Tutorial Instant Access: Take a crack at putting your blog up yourself and let me do the Google Page or Social Media set up for you instead:

Everything You Needed To Know About WordPress In 43 Step-By-Step Videos!

Text Coaching: Feel free to start sending me text coaching questions to “Three-One-Five-Five-Five-nine-two-seven-eight-four” and be sure to just say hello in the first post along with your name and a comment in regards to the YourReviewGuru Special, so I can put you in as a contact.

Your WeeklyImprovement.com membership will be in full swing in early 2012 when the site launches…You will be the first to know start using the site when it goes live.

Recommended Resources and Unannounced Bonuses :

1) Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Membership Software: This is now open source and therefore free. I suggest taking the upsell if possible as you can get most of Mike Filsaime’s programs included. I’ll even throw you some special bonuses if I find out you did this!

Butterfly Marketing Open Source Code
Butterfly Marketing Open Source Code


2) Omar Martin’s and Mike Filsaime’s Internet Selling for Newbies: Learn how to get going online with this DVD Bootcamp

Click here to get Internet Selling For Newbies

3) Cedric Aubry’s Sunday Freebie: Get your own MMR/PLR products for Free delivered each week to your inbox!


4) Mike Filsaime’s Evergreen Business System: Run webinars and keep your business moving automatically.

Evergreen Business Systems
Evergreen Business Systems

10 Pack of Membership Site!  From Affiliate Profits, to Wealth Upgrades, Traffic Generation and more to boost your business.

Get your memberships Here!!!JoinFree as a Silver Member of Traffic Generation Club Bonus Club #1: Affiliate Profits Club
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