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Mobile Local Fusion helps businesses get top google local rankings

Laura Betterly’s new Mobile Local Fusion leads thousands of businesses to get ranked in there local communities on Google Local! Read more to find out how

Mobile Local Fusion

I have been going through Laura Betterly’s Mobile Local Fusion course and it amazes me how easy the first two modules were. I went onto Google and sure enough exactly what she was talking about came up with locations of places for whatever you searched. The deal is that some of these locations have yet to grabbed!

So there is basically a ton of options for you to talk with local businesses and get them ranked in google mobile! If you think about it, how many times do you see people using their cell phones and smart phones now to access information on the local scene?

Mobile Local Fusion will take you through the steps needed to get these businesses ranked and want you to keep coming back to help them with other things like putting mobile coupons on their pages and eventually providing additional items such as taking care of their social media, email campaigns and more.

Ryan Deiss is helping out so you know it has a lot of support behind the project. Ryan gives the background video that you will see for Mobile Local Fusion and what is included in each module. Unlike our SMMS, all modules will be available from the beginning, so you can go at your own pace.

Once you join it would be great to have our own little mastermind group where we could help each other. Drop me a note when you come onboard and we can work out more details as well with this in the next few weeks!

I look forward to hearing of your Mobile Local Fusion successes!

By David Gardner

I am a science teacher, lacrosse coach and father of three who is also involved in online marketing and sales. My biggest goal right now is letting my wife be able to stay home and raise our daughters. When school is not in session, I paint interiors and like to travel. In the past I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, working in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific from 1998-2000.