It was only a matter of time. The web was going to end!

Now how the hell can that be as the web is seemingly growing non stop these days with everyone and their brother thinking that they can make it here.

Read how here in this new Report released this morning:

Well if you follow the cycles, it is bound to happen. Many companines exist and one comes out alive. Think Wal Mart and Home Depot. Now I know some are against the machine and will not step foot into these locations, so don’t get all emotional on me in the comment section. The same is happening online. Think! They have everything you can every need and not every need to visit another website again. Is this “The end of the web?”

I have been a student of Ryan Deiss for a while now and he just put out a report this morning (don’t worry, nothing for sale at this point) which is 24 pages long. It took a short while to read through with some parts making sense like the change of event from many companies to few with cycles, while other parts were eye opening.

The End of the Web


Now as a small business owner, you have to think what the heck am I doing to get more traffic to my site.  The big guys are killing me, so to speak.  You can have an “if I can’t beat em, join em” attitude and Ryan discusses this as well.  I personally started to make an app for my Lacrosse website, as everyone is now looking for the best app.  “Do they have an app for that?” Perhaps this is where you will be able to take the next wave of internet success.

Whether you are new or seasoned to the online marketing world, I suggest taking a few minutes to check out Ryan Deiss’ new report (no sense listening to a Review Guru huh!) and see what you think yourself.

Just click the link here to get it now! –>

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