If you live in the US, you for sure have seen the commercials for ABC’s new reality show, Secret Millionaire.  This premiered on March 6, 2011 to over 12 million people tuning in.

In two weeks, the 3rd episode arrives and features self made millionaire James Malinchak, a motivational speaker.  Unlike many other millionaire, who might not want to share the way they made their money, for fear of you doing the same and taking away their business somehow, James is the opposite and is a teacher.  He wants you to learn how to make money just as well.

Ironically, I started reading “We Want You To Be Rich” by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki yesterday and their mindset is the same.  These two are both millionaires (billionaires with Trump of course) who are also teachers.  They fear that the population will continue to decline financially unless their education in this field improves.

Mindset plays an important role as does making a difference.  This is what all three of this men are working on in their everyday lives.  How can they help others.  Making money along the way is the bonis of course.

Currently James Malinchak has just released a new video series which gets into details of the Three Lies aboout money Which you can see here ==> http://bitly.com/MillionaireSecrets

Millionaire Secrets Revealed

Millionaire Secrets Revealed

This coincides with James new product call the Millionaire Secrets Revealed, which will be available on March 22, 2011.  By signing up to get the video series here ==> http://bitly.com/MillionaireSecrets you will also gain early access or first notice should the Millionaire Secrets Revealed be opened early.

I highly suggest checking out this video series and improving your education both financially and within the mind so that you may become successful over the next months and years.  For more information, visit my blog at http://MillionaireSecretsMentor.co

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