With yesterdays release of a preparedness video by Greg Schmidt, the president of YouArePrepared, I wanted to give a great incentive to those who took action and joined the community.

If you look at the picture, you see an ounce of silver above. As of today it is worth about $40. With rising expectations based on the performance of metals and falling US dollar, Silver is looking to be one of the best methods of investment.

I can not guarantee how much silver will grow to per ounce, but this is where the bonus comes in, when you join today through this link http://bit.ly/YouArePrepared

In addition to what you will learn from the community and Greg Schmidt, you will be getting some bonuses from him. I want to sweeten the pot as well and throw in some bonuses as well from me.

My kick but bonuses for joining You Are Prepared:
1) I will purchase and mail you your first ouce of silver. Do with it what you wish, but I would suggest securing it in a safe of some sort and watch the value develop.
2) I will send a DVD to your house as well with some key reports to compliment the community in regards to safety (self defense, home security, online safety etc.)
3) I will have some unannounced bonuses as well to share with you once we get going in the community and you stay a member.

If you pay and stay with the full plan you will get your bonuses earlier, while those using the monthly plan will have to wait for some of their bonuses to be released as I will earn a commission on thes membership and will need to be compensated accordingly before I can release funds to you. I hope you understand where I am coming from here as there are people who like to buy, get bonuses and ask for refunds too soon.

So spend some time checking out this video http://bit.ly/YouArePrepared and start getting yourself prepared today. Make sure to send Greg an email as well to get your additional blueprint to help guide your way to safety and security in your life.

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