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Are You Prepared Greg Schmidt Safety Uncategorized

Don’t be the next burglar victim

In today’s economy, we all need to make money somehow. We also need to protect those things that this money buys and even more importantly protect ourselves, our loved ones and our homes.

As the saying goes, “Expect the best, prepare for the worst!” There is no shame in being prepare. It of course if better to pro-active than reactive. In many cases you might not have enough time be reactive. For example, if you are overcome, or jumped, by a stranger lurking around your house, you might only have a fraction of a second, if that to recover and get your bearings.

A few simple steps can quickly help to dramatically reduce the chances of this even happening. My associate, Greg Schmidt has put together a short video and guided checklist of some quick and easy fixes you can do to your yard/home as well as suggest to your neighbors, so that they too can be safe.

The more well prepared the neighborhood is, the less likely there will be an issue of theft and burglary. As the other saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Taking necessary steps, which you can start to implement this week and weekend are going to have massive benefits for you down the road in terms of improving your overall safety.

Go see what Greg has to say at: ==>

Don’t just watch it though, make sure you download/watch the video as well as leaving a comment on Greg’s page. Last I checked there were over 1200 informed citizens

Are You Prepared Greg Schmidt Safety Uncategorized

Is your home safe from invaders?

Greg Schmidt, the president of “YouArePrepared” just released a great little video on getting your home prepared to protect yourself and your family from invaders.

He has also put together a short 4 page guided checklist on some simple things you can do yourself or rather inexpensively to get your house guarded against a burglar.

Click the link or copy/paste into your browser ==>

Rather ironic that this should come out the day after the tenth anniversary of September 11th. There is no time like the present to prepare yourself. As they say, Expect the best, prepare for the worst.

I would write more, but I think I will go trim some more bushes!


Downforce Guitar methods physical Book now available

After almost two years I finally have a printed color version of the Downforce Guitar methods book ready to get out to the masses!

After spending many hours converting David Corcoron’s Downforce Guitar book into a digital product and member site back in the fall of 2009, making tweaks and updates along the way, the physical book is now alive! I had printed out a sample for myself to show people, but never moved forward with the actualy printing, though not to say I did not try!

Looking all over the net, I settled on CreateSpace, where you can self publish your works. As we are starting out with a low budget, I considered this the best way to go seeing that this is 93 pages of COLOR! It would not have been so bad if it were black and white, but almost every page here is color, whereas the original version was all black and white and less appealing to the eye.

As you see by the link, I am offering the book in a sort of free fashion. Right now you can go to our official website and join as a member and not even be offered a chance at a physical book as I have yet to update it. The physical book showed up at my garage today and is thus hot off the press and ready to go!

If you go to the website, you will have an option to join as a platinum member for a set cost, which included the digital version of the book as well as training videos and tips. When you check out the free physical version here I will thrown in your digital version and Platinum membership as a bonus.

As I mentioned “sort of free” there is one requirement in order to get the physical book mailed to you. I have made an agreement with TrialPay, where you will be presented with a series of offers or trials. When you partake in one of them, that company will pay me instead and I will send you the book for ‘Free’ and you get out of having to pay for it directly. In the mean time, perhaps you also picked up something else you needed through the trial offer with another company.

So head on over now to get your Downforce Guitar physical copy for free

This book covers the Major and Minor Triads and included 100 finger picking styles for the Downforce Guitar, the easy way to play the guitar.


Rosamond Gifford Zoo and the Solomon Islands

Took the girls to the zoo today! Saw the new elephant display, and bird show and found out the two parrot’s were from a small set of islands off the coast of Australia, THE SOLOMON ISLANDS! I looked at the girls and they looked right back at me in awe.

I knew the Rosamond Gifford Zoo had a Solomon Skink, but did not know they had the parrots as well until today. I was excited for sure.


Weird Genetics

It’s funny how well genetics can play a role in life. The other day, my oldest daughter and I took some photos with my new smartphone of each other while waiting at the doctors office. What do you think about out genetics here?


GVO Conference Webinar tonight

Hey you gotta jump on the Webinar That is LIVE at 8PM EST!

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I just watched True Blood and Weeds on VideoZer

After a great extended weekend, we wanted to relax and watch True Blood and Weeds. Seeing that we do not have HBO or Showtime, we have been using a website known as Telepisodes, to watch current episodes of both of these.

The idea of Telepisodes is great, though you are only allotted about 70 minutes a day before they cut you off and ask for a subscription. Sometimes, though like tonight, we were 11 minutes in, when they cut us off. I had been contemplating the membership, especially seeing that we had cancelled Netflix as well (which would often make you wait months anyways until the DVD’s came out) and decided to give it a shot tonight to see how well it works.

So after joining for the 1 month $9.99 offer to test it out, we were very satisfied as we watched a True Blood followed by a Weeds episode and tomorrow will watch the ones from this week as well without fear of being booted off. These are not the only shows you can watch with VideoZer.

In actuality, it is a combination of Telepisodes and VideoZer. Telepisodes would be the main hub, while VideoZer is the player that allows you to watch an unlimited amount of shows…..and even new movies, like “Bad Teacher” that is still out in theaters.

If you think Netflix, HBO and Showtime are worth spending your money on for new movies and TV shows, VideoZer should rank up there and even knock out some of them.

Now, there may be some limitation in the amount of shows available, though here are some of the series currently being offered through Telepisodes and Videozer.
Dexter, Entourage, Weeds and True Blood, just to name a few of those from the paid channels like HBO and Showtime. They also have some cable shows like South Park, Man vs. Wild, Glee and more.

New movies include Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 as well as Black Swan, Cowboys and Aliens and more just to name some of the new movies out.

So for the cost of just one movie these days, you can see them all from your computer with VideoZer. Definitely worth checking out. I am now going to finish watching “Bad Teacher”. Hopefully I do not pick up any bad habits!


Hello World, Welcome to YourReviewGuru!

Join me in looking into some of the best products out there today in many fields. I will be sharing my knowledge with you in regards to programs and equipment to make your business take off.  You will be able to find reviews on social media and tools associated with it (tweetGlide, HootSuite etc.) as well as other marketing programs that I have found beneficial.  Please leave a comment and check out the products while they are available (some have been know to be pulled off the shelf while they are still working well).