What do T.I.T.S have to do with marketing?

I sent an email out earlier today about T.I.T.S?

We all know that some things just spark interest
and you most likely opened the email due to awe
in what was written, only to realise it had a totally
different meaning.

T.I.T.S or more appropriately, Taking It To Success!

That’s were we all want to be headed, towards success
in whatever we do.

Just realize though that failure is iminent and
is OK. It is acceptable and expected, though how
you handle it will determine your level of success
and whether it happens at all.

There are many trains of thought on what makes
someone successfull and in reality the only person
it really matters to is yourself and your family.

Who cares what others think of you as long as you
think well of yourself.

Having socially proven success can help though and
that is why you are reading this email right now.

You are looking for something to help you out and
spark some interest in your growth online.

One of the best ways to do this is to model who you
see succeeding online and that is why I am writing
to you again about Ray Higdon and his Pro Bog Academy.

The value you are going to get from him in getting your
main hub developed is going to pay itself back many
times over…assuming you continue to take action on
what you learned.

When you pair that with what I offered as a bonus set
earlier, it is going to be a win-win-win situation.

You win becuase you get great content and learn how
to set yourself up for blogging success

Ray wins because he gets you into his course.

I win because the more I help others the better things
always seem to help me out as well. Karma is wonderful
that way!

So just read below for this afternoons email which has
the details and correct link to use for my bonuses.

But be sure to do it soon because Ray keeps removing
some of his bonuses from the offer and I am not sure
which one will be next.

Don’t wait to find out for yourself!

To your T.I.T.S! (That’s Taking It To Success again!)

Dave Gardner

Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy Bonus is T.I.T.S.

If you are thinking about a part of the anatomy
that many people like lookng at, you have another
thing coming, though you might just turn into
another internet rockstar, having all those
followers showing you theirs before you know it.

Put another way T.I.T.S. is all about Taking It
To Success!

I am determined to help you get there when you
grab Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy right now while
it is still almost 50% off of what it will be after
Wednesday Night, June 20, 2012.

Just clear all your cookies in your browser and
use this link to go to the sales page where you
will see that some of Ray’s Bonuses have already
been removed (only up before for the fast action
takers this past week)

Not only are Ray’s included bonuses T.I.T.S, but I am
going to make it even bigger with my bonuses!

Here are the original bonuses I am still guaranteeing

1) The Execution Factor: Benjamin Jaques new Book
mailed to your house and access to the audios and PDF
which should be a mandatory read for all IM’ers
(I am currently selling this book for $15 on eBay!)

2) Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript:
Also mailed to your house with many small little
changes you can make to your business that lead
to larger growth over time.
(I am currently selling this book for $47-67 on eBay)

3) Access to me for blog improvements and reviews
even before Ray looks it over when you have met
all requirements from the course. I will give you
a full on review of what you have done/need to fo
to get it going. This will be done by email.
(I would normally be charging about $30-100/hr for this)

Here are the bonuses I am now adding to provide more
content and help for you to grow your blog and are
based on the suggestion of Ray himself in regards to
using digital products to get your blog started.

4) Self Improvement Millionaires VOlume 1 and 2 DVD
shipped to your house along with access to the up
and coming launch of which has
digital products from multiple niches from which to
pick from and be successful in.
(DVD is $77 and membership will be about $10/month)

5) I am going to hook you up with my pinglist which
is where you are going to send all your blog posts
to to know that you are live and kicking online and
great in the search engines
(Priceless, but I could charge $50 for the research
and installing it in your blog for you)

6) Backdoor access to 43 WordPress Tutorials, which
my buddy Cedric Aubrey put together…These short clips
will totally help you master Word Press on top of what
Ray shares with you in the modules
(Not sure how he only charges $7 for this, but worth
ten times that amount)

7) Blog Roll and link to your site. I will put your
link in my blog to help send some link juice your way
as long as your site is family friendly (no porn etc.)

8) Lifetime email/text message coaching…Not only
will you get great coaching from Ray, but I will
put myself out there to help you out as well until
I know you have reached the T.I.T.S. level and Taken
It To Success

All you have to do it use this link and you will be
setting yoursef on the correct path:

When you are done, just make sure to forward your receipt
to “barefootpainting at gmail [dot] com” and I will verify
with Ray that you took part. I will start helping you out
as soon as I can, but will hold off on mailing you the
physical items until after the 30 day guarantee period
has passed (to protect myself from someone buying just
for the goodies, then refunding while keeping my stuff!)

It is all about value here and you will either get it
from Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy or from me…It is
a win-win-win situation.

By David Gardner

I am a science teacher, lacrosse coach and father of three who is also involved in online marketing and sales. My biggest goal right now is letting my wife be able to stay home and raise our daughters. When school is not in session, I paint interiors and like to travel. In the past I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, working in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific from 1998-2000.