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Laura Betterly new Instant Local Traffic Course

I just found out the about the release of my former marketing coach Laura Betterly’s new course called “Instant Local Traffic

With online marketing booming into 2012, local business still seem to be stuck in the past.

Laura Betterly has come up with a 16 second story that has business drooling over her. Talk about grabbing the store owner by the horns!

Having taken Laura’s Mobile Local Fusion course in the past and being a fellow student with her in the Social Media Money System course, I know first rate how dedicated Laura is to both her clients and students and I would highly recommend anything that Laura puts out.

The course is now live and if you are into marketing and online marketing, there is nowhere better to start that in your own local market.

Be the person they look to for online support. Instead of using someone from another city to take care of their business…you are the hero.

When you invest in Instant Local Traffic with the links here I will hook you up with a nice bonus! See below!

If you know anything about online marketing, you have heard of Ryan Deiss…He’s the voice you here working with Laura is a major partner of Ryan’s and has been for the past few years.

Bonuses for Instant Local Traffic: You can buy this if you own a business too, not just for people marketing to businesses

1) Lifetime coaching from me though text messaging/email on anything marketing

2) Google Place Page set up for your Business for free by me! Best way to get the local business and clients to find you. I do not even have a storefront and I often get calls because of how I have my Google Place Page set up.

3) A physical copy sent to your door of Butterfly marketing (155 pages) by Mike Filsaime, where you will learn all about the small changes you can make to your business that result in large growth over time.

So be sure to use this link to grab Laura Betterly’s new Instant Local Traffic today, then leave a comment at and we get going on your bonuses

Marketing Ryan Deiss Web Traffic Generation

Our 1 dollar donation for the Ryan Deiss end of the web report

Now you are probably wondering…Only a $1 donation?

Well my hopes are that it will add up when everyone does there part.

It won’t be anything out of your pocket as I will donate on your part when you read one short report (applies week of August 3, 2011 only).

Ryan Deiss just release a new report on why he thinks this is the end of the web.​of-the-web

All you have to do is go check it out by signing in and you will get the report.  When I see my opt in stats (Yes, I am an affiliate and student of Ryan’s) I will make a donation on your behalf to an organization to be later named.  I will be posting the donation/video later in the week on my website you see above for YourReviewGuru!


The End of the Web

The more people check out the report, the more I can donate, so help out today, learn a little and do something that will make you feel good now!

Get your the report here now–>​of-the-web

Thank you in advance,

Dave Gardner…AKA YourReviewGuru

PS: You will receive follow up emails from Ryan.  If you never want to hear from him again after you check out the report, all you need to do is hit his unsubscribe button.

Ryan Deiss Web Traffic Generation

The end of the web

It was only a matter of time. The web was going to end!

Now how the hell can that be as the web is seemingly growing non stop these days with everyone and their brother thinking that they can make it here.

Read how here in this new Report released this morning:

Well if you follow the cycles, it is bound to happen. Many companines exist and one comes out alive. Think Wal Mart and Home Depot. Now I know some are against the machine and will not step foot into these locations, so don’t get all emotional on me in the comment section. The same is happening online. Think! They have everything you can every need and not every need to visit another website again. Is this “The end of the web?”

I have been a student of Ryan Deiss for a while now and he just put out a report this morning (don’t worry, nothing for sale at this point) which is 24 pages long. It took a short while to read through with some parts making sense like the change of event from many companies to few with cycles, while other parts were eye opening.

The End of the Web


Now as a small business owner, you have to think what the heck am I doing to get more traffic to my site.  The big guys are killing me, so to speak.  You can have an “if I can’t beat em, join em” attitude and Ryan discusses this as well.  I personally started to make an app for my Lacrosse website, as everyone is now looking for the best app.  “Do they have an app for that?” Perhaps this is where you will be able to take the next wave of internet success.

Whether you are new or seasoned to the online marketing world, I suggest taking a few minutes to check out Ryan Deiss’ new report (no sense listening to a Review Guru huh!) and see what you think yourself.

Just click the link here to get it now! –>

google mobile Laura Betterly mobile local fusion Ryan Deiss Social Media

Mobile Local Fusion brings business to clients phones

A couple summers ago, I took an online course in Social Media and one of the main stars was Laura Betterly. Recently, she developed her own course, Mobile Local Fusion, that brings Mobile technology to the forefront of the online world.

If you are business owner, this course is a must. As mobile media continues to develop in terms of smart phones alone (think ipads etc., as well) business are scrambling in order to keep up with the changes in order to continue to provide their clients with the services they need. Advertising has flipped from mailings and phone book listings, to listing online. Did you know that with your smart phone you can click a phone link in your internet search and it can dial the number for you. How cool is that!

As the big players like Google are controlling the waves online, they also have the technology to send you local businesses to your phone when you do a search, regardless of where you are. The satellites will pick up on your location and give you the most relevant business for the terms you enter into your search.

Laura Betterly’s Mobile Local Fusion, provides the necessary means to to get your business listed at the top of the search rankings. Who wants to be listed on page 2? And if you are on the top, are you sure you do not want to risk losing this spot. So all are involved here.

From setting up your google place page to other major search engines like yahoo and bing, to providing options for client retention, outsourcing work and of course keeping you on the 1st page of the search engine. If you think about it, how many businesses ask you for a testimonial, or to write a review for them online? This is just one of the many suggestions made in Mobile Local Fusion, that will provide the needed online juice to keep your business working well.

From my own perspective, I have been through the course when it first opened and have seen my sites come out on page one. I live in Camillus, NY, which is the home of the West Genesee Wildcat Lacrosse team, who has for years been on or near the top of the country rankings. So when you do a search for Camillus Lacrosse, one would think you would come up with the wildcats etc., however following Laura Betterly’s course, it is my lacrosse website, that shows up instead.

Regardless of whether you are a big business or a small mom and pop shop in the village, you can get yourself to the top to be ranked. I have received at least half a dozen phone calls recently just from people doing searches on their phones or online for services I offer. The way I see it, the price of the course was paid for with just one of the clients. The modules help with customer retention will help in regards to the lifetime value of the client. Being able to continue to bring in clients this way will show you that her course is extremely underpriced and comes with my highest recommendation.

So go check out the video that our other friend, Ryan Deiss put together that gives a little more insight into the course at where he will take you inside Mobile Local Fusion a bit more.

For those of you that are action takers, either owning a business, or are looking to be the next online guru, I have an incentive for you when you join MLF! Take a look at what I want to offer as a bonus for you. (As I am an affiliate for Laura Betterly, I will earn a commission from the sale and will be able to contact their office for your info to provide you with your bonuses)

1) Speedy Profit Creator DVD will be mailed to your house. This is a series of 10 videos that bring you from getting a website to creating a product for release.


Speedy Profit Creator
Get your business off on the right foot with the Speedy Profit Creator


2) Free Membership in the Traffic Generation Club where you will learn from a mamstermind group including the likes of Ewen Chia, Mark Joyner, Robert Puddy and others.

Traffic Generation Club
Traffic Generation Club

3) 30 minute phone session with me helping to answer any questions you have when you start the course. (if you are in the Central NY area, I might even come right to your business to help you through it!)

Your Review Guru
On top of Cornell University Summer 2009

4) I will review your google place page and provide suggestions to how you can improve it once you get going. As google is the top, this is the one you want to take care of first.

Camillus Lacrosse Google Search
#1 on google search for camillus lacrosse

5) Unannounced bonuses to follow!

Unannounced Bonuses to Follow
Unannounced Bonuses to Follow

So in addition to being able to learn from Laura Betterly, I want you to be able to get more value from me as well. Together we can help your business reach the top.

google mobile Laura Betterly Marketing Ryan Deiss

Mobile local fusion tops google places

Mobile Local Fusion by Laura Betterly
Mobile Local Fusion by Laura Betterly

Mobile Local Fusion is Laura Betterly’s newest course that focuses on getting businesses t the top of google places in the local market through the use of mobile technologies.

Newpapers and magazine subscriptions are decreasing, while cellular technology is gaining numbers exponentially.  Kids from elementary school to seniors in assisting life housing are using cell phones and other mobile technology these days. 

It is time for the businesses to wake up and realize the money they are blowing in advertising costs to newspapers and clipper magazines might not be worth it after all.  Besides, how many stores to you think track their ads when people come in?

Mobile Local Fusion is geared to solve this problem for the local marketer.  You do not need to be a marketing expert or have a degree in marketing, to benefit from this digital course, that comes chock full of printable guidelines and questionnaires that you can easily send to a business, have them complete and send back.

The course contains 9 modules, plus an introductory “Getting Started” module where Laura Betterly goes into detail in regards to the changes occurring these days with mobile technology.  She also goes over some of the main points that will be discussed in the course.

Mobile Local Fusion-Getting started
Mobile Local Fusion-Getting started

The other modules cover items such as local markets, getting clients and managing your business as seen in the following pictures:

Understanding Local Landscape
Understanding Local Landscape
getting on Google Local
getting on Google Local
Going Mobile
Going Mobile
How Clients Make Money
How Clients Make Money
Outsourcing Work
Outsourcing Work
Getting Clients
Getting Clients
Managing Client Expectations
Managing Client Expectations
Managing Your Business
Managing Your Business

Over the next few days I will be going forward with the course (I quickly watched modules 00, 01 and 02) and providing review and ideas related to the course.  After the first look, I highly recommend checking this out.  At $97 it is a steal for sure and should be grabbed before the price goes to $197.

The content provided, editable worksheets, etc. alone are worth the cost of the course so far.  You can go check out Mobile Local Fusion right now to get a jump on the course and your local market today!  I would be open for a mastermind group in regards to this as well where we can exchange ideas and tips for what is working in your neck of the woods, or what works for certain types of businesses.

Perpetual Traffic Formula Ryan Deiss

Perpetual Traffic Formula Bonus

I hope your mailbox has not been overloaded with emails from the online world today as Ryan Deiss releases his Perpetual Traffic Formula.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, it goes live in 2 hours, but you can get an early bird link update here

Like any good marketer, I wanted to provide you with some killer bonuses when you buy through my link (must have your cache or cookies cleared and click through my link when you opt in and invest in this course)

So without beating around the bush, here is what you will get from me when you make the smart move to learn from Ryan Deiss and his team.  My Lucky 7!

1) A physical Copy of Omar Martins Speedy Profit Creator will be mailed directly to your house!  Check out the site I am just putting up which is not even live with the paypal button for Speedy Profit Creator This has an almost $200 value!

2) 10 pack of Memberships which include Traffic Generation Club which can be seen here! These are valued at about $300 each

3) 6 months access to me for questions in setting up your blog, widgets, setting up your social media profiles on the top sites or anything internet related…This value is priceless!  The Perpetual Traffic Forumula may go at a quick pace and every bit of extra help you can get will be beneficial.

4) PLR Bananza DVD mailed to your house.  Why look it all up and waste time downloading them and signing up for an endless number of Marketers emails, when they are easily accessed to be pulled to your sites for articles, templates and much more.  As many as 100 programs will be included in this.  This is valued at thousands of dollars.

5) Full lifetime Platinum access to MyResourceKit, which is set to be released in August 2010 and includes tips, tricks and content in regards to how I have developed an online business.  Saves the searching for a newbie and continues the education of the expert!  This is a true all in one sites for easy access to all things Marketing

6) A $100 rebate to you Paypal account!  Who doesn’t like CASH!  This will be refunded after the money back guarantee period ends, to account for any cancellations that may occur if you are not happy with the course.

7) A 1 year gift subscription to animoto.  This program has great potential for your business in taking pictures and turning them into great videos.  I have used these already with another course I suggested to you in Russell Brunsons DarkSide of DotComSecrets and they have helped me earn affiliate commissions there as well! This is a $30 value

As you can see there are some killer bonuses here.  These all have the potential to compliment the Perpetual Traffic Formula when some effort is put forth.  I will be dedicated to helping you become successful and I need your committment to put the effort in as well.  There is so much money ready to be made online, but the right techniques are needed to see the fruits of our labors.

To our Traffic Driving Success,

Dave Gardner

PS again, get your early bird link here 

Perpetual Traffic Formula Ryan Deiss SEO Web Traffic Generation

Perpetual Traffic Formula

Perpetual Traffic Forumula Report

Last summer I had the opportunity to take part in the Social Media Money System, which was an online course taught by Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher.  These two Texans were not afraid to lay it down and tell it like it is.  They were personable, highly knowledgeable and funny as all get go at times.  Whever I get an email from either of these two, I am sure to open it up.  With other marketers, it might not be so sure I spent time reading their emails.

When Ryan Deiss announces he was coming out with three rocking reports/softwares, I was excited to find out what they were going to be.

First, Ryan came out with the Perpetual Traffic Formula Report, which was a quick easy read, that went in to details in regards to the changes that Google was going through over the past couple years in regards to their algorithms and how they rank sites.  One of the key gems that Ryan Deiss brings about in the Perpetual Traffic Formula is that “Activity + Content + Links = Perpetual Traffic!”  What Ryan Deiss means is that you do need to put some effort into your business in order to get people to come check you out.

Perpetual Traffic Formula Report
Get Your Perpetual Traffic Formula Report Here

Don’t get fooled that this is some get rich quick scheme.  This is a course where you need to put an effort in to get the results you want.  One of my favorite quotes is “You get out of it what you put into it” and this holds true with all internet and online business ventures.  There is not going to be some magic pill or “business in a box” that you plug in and set it to go.  You need to take care of it in order for it to grow.

Secondly, Ryan Deiss released his Cherry Picker Software.  WOW!  This easy to use software links to the internet with a term or keyword phrase of choice and within seconds starts pumping out websites who are ranking for these keywords.  Websites that contain keyword rich domains often do well, but they are not always the end all of being successful.  I actually checked a keyword for a lacrosse product of mine and am ranked #1  for in Google and it is ironically with only 3 pages indexed on my site.  I have had some experience in social media (as mentioned in the beginning of the article) and have spread out my links a bit as well which has helped this effort. 

Cherry Picker Software from Ryan Deiss
Get Your Cherry Picker Software Here

Using the Cherry Picker software though allowed me to see other sites I was in competition with.  Now why is this important….Because I did most of this without paying anything for this rank…I did not really use PPC for this, but instead using the right words allowed me to see what people were looking for.

Finally, Ryan Deiss sent out the Authority Codes Report  in which he supplied some great ideas in regards to getting .EDU and .GOV backlinks to your sites.  As Ryan Deiss put it, these are the sites that give you great “Link Juice!”  The main idea to remember that a link is a link, but keeping in mind that some links carry more juice, as Ryan Deiss would put it compared to others.  He gives a set of codes for these .EDU, .GOV, .ORG and .COM sites that allow you to be able to gather highly ranking pages on google and other search engines (using a Firefox plugin, where YES, you do need to do a little work) where you can join in a conversation and be able to leave behind your contact info and of course the infamous link you want to get sending back to your site. 

Authority Codes by Ryan Deiss
Get Your Authority Codes here

I played around for about 2 hours doing the whole process of reading the report and searching with the codes and was able to find a few sites to make comments on (be sure not to spam and keep your comments relative to the blog post).  I also focused again on only the lacrosse field but was excited to visualize using it for other niches I am involved in as well.

As a final overview, getting these three pieces alone is enough to get your site headed in the right direction, but is only a small piece of the puzzle.  Ryan Deiss, does of course intent to sell you a great product that helps to “increase your Belief” in the work he has done over the last 9 months in putting this together for you.  His trainings are well organized and planned to lead you in the right direction towards achieving successes in your business.  It is up to you to determine if the investment in the course and yourself is worth it.  For one, I think it is!  Please Post a comment below on what you think about these great programs!  Being in a community and sharing your comments and leaving an appropriate backlink here is working the “Link Juice” for yourself right here and now before you even go check  the software and reports out yourself.