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Setting up WordPress blog free affiliate website for Dot Com Secrets X

In this video, I show installation and start up of a word press blog using a theme provide by Russell Brunson of Dot Com Secrets.

This is part of the Dot Com Secrets X course and 30 Day challenge relating to a Self Liquidatiing offer, where you give something away to ethically bribe someone to join your list or website.

Join me in the Challenge and build your online business with us.

Daegan Smith Maximum Leverage Web Traffic Generation

Business Success Story Two Sharks and a movie

The other night my wife put me in charge of coming up

with a movie that we could watch. After playing around

for a while with an online service similar to Netflix

I came up with a choice that would bring up some

memories of near death.

So I proceeded to lug my laptop downstairs and ask

if she wanted to watch Soul Surfer, to which my

10 year old daughter pipes in YES, YES, YES!

My wife was not all in at first, but decided to

go along as the kid was excited to watch this story

about a young teenage girl who had her arm tore off

my a shark while surfing in Hawaii.

This is based on a true story, so of course we knew

the main line. We had known about it for some time

as the story was all over the news when it happened.

The most amazing thing about it all, is that she never

really gave up on her desire to be a competitive surfer.

Yeah she stuggled, but then again, who doesn’t at times.

But trying to do something after a major trauma is

extemely commendable in such a short period of time.

This girl is a survivor because she never gave up.

She could have easily seen the fact that you can’t

be a great swimmer with only one arm.

She could have seen that she could not do a push up

on the board while being tossed by the ocean.

She could have easily seen that her body was totally

out of balance with one less appendage.

You know what though…

She saw none of that!

She saw herself getting right back up on the board.

Was it a struggle. Damn right it was, but she was


Regardless of what happens to you in your struggles

to make it in your business, how you see the future

playing before you is of utmost importance.

Having the proper mindset is your basepoint and this

is what this girl had.

So what does that have to do with my almost dying?

Well back in 1999, I was living in the Solomon Islands,

in the South Pacific as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

I was there as a science teacher (and math as well) for

two years and we liked to spear fish! Talk about a rush!

After a 20 minute walk down to our dugout canoe, it was

another 15 or so minutes paddle down the river to get to

the mouth where we would head over to the reef to see

what we could catch.

This time however was a little different as we got our

fellow teacher to take us in a motorized fiberblass

canoe so we could go outside the reef and throw out

a line. That’s us here with me on the right with

some Barracuda and snapper that we caught litterally

within minutes.

Line Fishing outside the reef in the Solomon Islands
Line Fishing outside the reef in the Solomon Islands

We wanted to spear fish as well and that is when the fun

began. If you consider near death experiences that is.

Now just to give you a little more background, we saw

sharks just about everytime we went out. These small

3-4 foot reef sharks would typically take off as soon

as we came around a reef corner and saw them.

So as we were spear fishing this day we ended up finding

a morey eel, so why not try to catch it and see what it

tastes like. The locals would eat anything, so we

knew it would not go to waste.

One spear in and it gets exciting. You can imagine it

was pretty pissed off to have just been stabbed by a spear.

A little puff of what looks like blood coming out from the

reef as the eels basically tore part of its tails off

as it struggled to get free from the spear.

One Shark….and not your typical reef shark, but this one

looks bigger than me and I stand 6’2″ tall.

He was circling me, my buddy and the eel, trying to figure

what was going on and assessing the situation because

of the sent of blood.

So my buddy is trying to get the eel out (as he was

speared again in the meantime) and I am watching the one

shark with my spear at the ready.

Two Sharks…now we have a mirror image of the first shark

circling us almost in opposite of the first one. Crap!

This is not looking good for us. Get us the “F” out of here.

Thank god for our buddy with the motorized canoe on this day.

Any wrong move and/or distress from us could have brought

these two sharks to a feeding frenzy on the two giant red-

heads swimming in their land.

We made it out safe of course and even ended up being able

to hook and pull the eel out without a scratch on our bodies

but with a definite respect for the unknown of the deep.

And yes, we did go back the following week and many times

after that to fish, because we saw ourselves being successful.

No one should go out with the mindset that they are going to

get eaten by a shark, though in the back of your mind you

need to know it can happen.

Being prepared is the best way to combat this. Having a plan

of action is what you need for the worst case scenario in

addition to the best case scenario.

So just like our Soul Surfer. Realize that no matter what

happens you can find a way to get back up on your feet

and be successful. If it is a struggle at first, expect this

and know it will get easier.

The other thing to remember is you can do it all on your own

or you can seek guidance from others who have been there.

So take action now and get yourself back up. Do something that

helps others be able to help themselves…Wait a minute, that’s

one of the main goals of the Peace Corps.

You can do it on your own or use a system that works. My buddy

Daegan Smith has been through it all and is a leader among

leader whose Maximum Leverage program gets you started

making the right moves.

Don’t let the sharks round up on you, but make sure you have that

safety boat on the side waiting to pick you up when you are down.

Come for a ride on Daegan Smith’s Ship.

anik singal Marketing Marketing with Anik Web Traffic Generation

Marketing with Anik Singal course

Tomorrow marks the beginning of your life in online marketing.  If you have been struggling up through this point of your life in online marketing, January 11, 2012 will be a day for the record books.

Not to continue to Hype, but if you look anywhere online and type in the name “Anik Singal” you will see there are millions of results.  Whether it was for a marketing course he developed in the past, or his most recent stint as a “Bali-wood” actor, Anik Singal has made a difference in thousands of peoples lifes by providing the means to their marketing ends.

On January 11, 2012, Marketing with Anik is going to be released (by the time you may read this, the banners will be live, otherwise come back on 1/11/12 to click the links and start your real online education)

Anik is going to basically hold you hand this time around as he provides well over $5000 worth of training and value and at least 15 weeks of live and personal coaching for marketers who join this program.

Now, as he is working for such a long time intimately with this group, you can guarantee you will be going through everything from the basics to ninja style tricks to build your online Empire (hint! hint!)

When you check out Marketing with Anik on January 11, 2012, you are going to get a small education just for watching his introductory video.  If you are serious about wanting to start a business, you need to at least come check out what this super marketer has to say.

Think about this for a while.  You can look at it two ways.  #1 You are glad that you checked it out and want to find out more or #2 you are glad that you checked it out so that you know this is something you do not want to do and can focus your efforts elsewhere.

Regardless of the niche you are in or the type of product you are trying to promote online, the education you will gain while Marketing with Anik will be worth many times over the pricepoint of the course itself.  As they say, Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach the man how to fish and he eats for life.

What you learn from Anik Singal in his new “Marketing with Anik Singal course” will be able to be reproduced over and over again when you expand to other niches or help other businesses.

So come see what Anik Singal has to say  about all this himself!

Affiliate Sales blogging clickbank Marketing Membership websites SEO Web Traffic Generation webinar

Simon and Jeremy are having an 11 day blowout marketing sale

I just picked this up this morning for a mere $11 to add to my marketing arsenal. Simon and Jeremy have been bringing great marketing products and training online for a few years and this is definitely up to par with them.

They just put a whallop of a package together…11 products for 11 bucks which includes but is not limited to the following.

Webinar Replay software, Amazon S3 Plugin, Slider Pro (for opt-ins), Niche Secrets Live Webinar, SEO Link building, the $50K monthly formula and much more.

For $11 it is steal and I am going to be using some of these soon. I usually like to play aruond with them for a while before I promote, though there is only 2 more days in there 11 Day Blowout sale.

It is worth a few minutes of your life to come check it out if you have plans to improve your online business these days. Even one of the products themselve could be worth the low price.

You even have a chance to win a new Kindle Fire or Apple iPad 2…so go check it out now!

Marketing Ryan Deiss Web Traffic Generation

Our 1 dollar donation for the Ryan Deiss end of the web report

Now you are probably wondering…Only a $1 donation?

Well my hopes are that it will add up when everyone does there part.

It won’t be anything out of your pocket as I will donate on your part when you read one short report (applies week of August 3, 2011 only).

Ryan Deiss just release a new report on why he thinks this is the end of the web.​of-the-web

All you have to do is go check it out by signing in and you will get the report.  When I see my opt in stats (Yes, I am an affiliate and student of Ryan’s) I will make a donation on your behalf to an organization to be later named.  I will be posting the donation/video later in the week on my website you see above for YourReviewGuru!


The End of the Web

The more people check out the report, the more I can donate, so help out today, learn a little and do something that will make you feel good now!

Get your the report here now–>​of-the-web

Thank you in advance,

Dave Gardner…AKA YourReviewGuru

PS: You will receive follow up emails from Ryan.  If you never want to hear from him again after you check out the report, all you need to do is hit his unsubscribe button.

Ryan Deiss Web Traffic Generation

The end of the web

It was only a matter of time. The web was going to end!

Now how the hell can that be as the web is seemingly growing non stop these days with everyone and their brother thinking that they can make it here.

Read how here in this new Report released this morning:

Well if you follow the cycles, it is bound to happen. Many companines exist and one comes out alive. Think Wal Mart and Home Depot. Now I know some are against the machine and will not step foot into these locations, so don’t get all emotional on me in the comment section. The same is happening online. Think! They have everything you can every need and not every need to visit another website again. Is this “The end of the web?”

I have been a student of Ryan Deiss for a while now and he just put out a report this morning (don’t worry, nothing for sale at this point) which is 24 pages long. It took a short while to read through with some parts making sense like the change of event from many companies to few with cycles, while other parts were eye opening.

The End of the Web


Now as a small business owner, you have to think what the heck am I doing to get more traffic to my site.  The big guys are killing me, so to speak.  You can have an “if I can’t beat em, join em” attitude and Ryan discusses this as well.  I personally started to make an app for my Lacrosse website, as everyone is now looking for the best app.  “Do they have an app for that?” Perhaps this is where you will be able to take the next wave of internet success.

Whether you are new or seasoned to the online marketing world, I suggest taking a few minutes to check out Ryan Deiss’ new report (no sense listening to a Review Guru huh!) and see what you think yourself.

Just click the link here to get it now! –>

Web Traffic Generation

6 easy ways to get traffic

I have just put together a report on 6 easy ways to get traffic to your websites this afternoon.  Check out my new website at and get the full report there.  It is geared towards, but not limited to new business owners, newbies in the online marketing world, people looking to develop their social media profiles, and people 1-3 years in business who may be struggling to make things work online with what they know so far.

What may seem basic to the more seasoned gurus with outsourcing crews around the world, those new to at home work, entrepreneurial experiences or affiliate sales might need a little more direction in what they need to do to succeed.  After you get the report, find a quite place and time to read it though!  I want you to come back here and leave a comment on what you think after reading it the first time and then I want to have you read it again a few days later to see what you have accomplished and come back and leave another reply with the updates and improvements you have made.

So head on over to now and check out the 6 easy ways to get traffic to your websites this afternoon.

Perpetual Traffic Formula Ryan Deiss SEO Web Traffic Generation

Perpetual Traffic Formula

Perpetual Traffic Forumula Report

Last summer I had the opportunity to take part in the Social Media Money System, which was an online course taught by Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher.  These two Texans were not afraid to lay it down and tell it like it is.  They were personable, highly knowledgeable and funny as all get go at times.  Whever I get an email from either of these two, I am sure to open it up.  With other marketers, it might not be so sure I spent time reading their emails.

When Ryan Deiss announces he was coming out with three rocking reports/softwares, I was excited to find out what they were going to be.

First, Ryan came out with the Perpetual Traffic Formula Report, which was a quick easy read, that went in to details in regards to the changes that Google was going through over the past couple years in regards to their algorithms and how they rank sites.  One of the key gems that Ryan Deiss brings about in the Perpetual Traffic Formula is that “Activity + Content + Links = Perpetual Traffic!”  What Ryan Deiss means is that you do need to put some effort into your business in order to get people to come check you out.

Perpetual Traffic Formula Report
Get Your Perpetual Traffic Formula Report Here

Don’t get fooled that this is some get rich quick scheme.  This is a course where you need to put an effort in to get the results you want.  One of my favorite quotes is “You get out of it what you put into it” and this holds true with all internet and online business ventures.  There is not going to be some magic pill or “business in a box” that you plug in and set it to go.  You need to take care of it in order for it to grow.

Secondly, Ryan Deiss released his Cherry Picker Software.  WOW!  This easy to use software links to the internet with a term or keyword phrase of choice and within seconds starts pumping out websites who are ranking for these keywords.  Websites that contain keyword rich domains often do well, but they are not always the end all of being successful.  I actually checked a keyword for a lacrosse product of mine and am ranked #1  for in Google and it is ironically with only 3 pages indexed on my site.  I have had some experience in social media (as mentioned in the beginning of the article) and have spread out my links a bit as well which has helped this effort. 

Cherry Picker Software from Ryan Deiss
Get Your Cherry Picker Software Here

Using the Cherry Picker software though allowed me to see other sites I was in competition with.  Now why is this important….Because I did most of this without paying anything for this rank…I did not really use PPC for this, but instead using the right words allowed me to see what people were looking for.

Finally, Ryan Deiss sent out the Authority Codes Report  in which he supplied some great ideas in regards to getting .EDU and .GOV backlinks to your sites.  As Ryan Deiss put it, these are the sites that give you great “Link Juice!”  The main idea to remember that a link is a link, but keeping in mind that some links carry more juice, as Ryan Deiss would put it compared to others.  He gives a set of codes for these .EDU, .GOV, .ORG and .COM sites that allow you to be able to gather highly ranking pages on google and other search engines (using a Firefox plugin, where YES, you do need to do a little work) where you can join in a conversation and be able to leave behind your contact info and of course the infamous link you want to get sending back to your site. 

Authority Codes by Ryan Deiss
Get Your Authority Codes here

I played around for about 2 hours doing the whole process of reading the report and searching with the codes and was able to find a few sites to make comments on (be sure not to spam and keep your comments relative to the blog post).  I also focused again on only the lacrosse field but was excited to visualize using it for other niches I am involved in as well.

As a final overview, getting these three pieces alone is enough to get your site headed in the right direction, but is only a small piece of the puzzle.  Ryan Deiss, does of course intent to sell you a great product that helps to “increase your Belief” in the work he has done over the last 9 months in putting this together for you.  His trainings are well organized and planned to lead you in the right direction towards achieving successes in your business.  It is up to you to determine if the investment in the course and yourself is worth it.  For one, I think it is!  Please Post a comment below on what you think about these great programs!  Being in a community and sharing your comments and leaving an appropriate backlink here is working the “Link Juice” for yourself right here and now before you even go check  the software and reports out yourself.

DotComSecrets Russell Brunson SEO Web Traffic Generation High


The Darkside of DotComSecrets is Russel Brunson’s latest micro continuity program. This training program for online marketers deals with Black Hat SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, tactics. These Black Hat tactics are carried out so they will not compromise your ethics in business and will allow for the mixing in of White hat techniques as well. You can learn more about the Dark Side of DotComSecrets at

There will be a need to put forth effort here as well (based on the video!) but it is really doing what they show you how to do which is pretty straight forward.  As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch!”  Nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter, but if you follow the tips and tactics presented, you are bound to improve on your business.

Learn More at

Get Your Own Butterfly Marketing Open Source software so you can start making changes in your business as well.  Check out Mike Filsaime’s kick butt product Butterfly Marketing Open Source Here

DotComSecrets Russell Brunson SEO Web Traffic Generation

Darkside of DotComSecrets-Black Hat SEO

Russell Brunson had to give up many of his major secrets after a student stumbled upon the dark room.  Once they realized something secret was going on, the cat was out of the bag so to speak.  The Darkside of DotComSecrets was revealed!  The Black Hat SEO tactics that were being used to generate Russell killer traffic to his sites was mindblowing and totally ethical.

See you on the Darkside!

Your Ethics will not be compromised when using the Darkside of DotComSecrets-Black Hat SEO by Russell Brunson. There will be work required on your part unless you have the ability to outsource. “Mr. X” will walk you through everything you need to do to get your system up and running so you start generating massive traffic today.

See you on the Darkside!