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Marketing with Anik Bonus

Just yesterday, Anik Singal released his new training program, Marketing with Anik.  This 15 week live training program will take members through all aspects of internet marketing to build their own online empire so to speak.

Within less than 2 days, Marketing with Anik is already up to #7 on Clickbank, where it is being sold through.  I was one of the proud people to join in the first two days and have already registered for the first of the 15 live training sessions which is scheduled for Monday January 16, 2011 at 9pm.  If you want to get in on this session, you need to take part in Marketing with Anik.

Marketing with Anik
Marketing with Anik

When you join the membership website at Marketing with Anik, you are also going to pick up some of his best products, valued at almost $5000 which include the following: Lazy Tubester, Affiliate Classroom and Clickbank Overnight Expert, which you can go over at your own pace and will compliment the 15 week session with Anik Singal.

The 15 week live training sessions will be recorded in case you missed a session or need to go back and review material taught in a previous session.  This will be invaluable when you are wanting to go back through when the course is over.

Now you would expect to see a high price point on this due to the nature of digital training these days, though at a mere $37 for the 15 weeks of live calls as well as the $5000 in bonus materials, it is a damn steal.

You will be offered some killer upsells as well which include some of his other products at massive discounts like the Empire Formula which came out over a year ago.  If you can spare the extra coin, pick up some of these as well.  He has guarantees on them, so you can always get your money back if you do not feel you benefitted from the information provided.

Now I want you to seriously think about $37.  What have you spent recently that was about $37.  Groceries for sure.  Dinner or some drinks out with freinds.  Of course, you could save the money and not spend time learning because you are looking for a get rich quick scheme.  Well, it is not ever going to happen. You have to put in effort and 15 weeks is not a lot of time at all.

You will be able to build a little at a time and make the changes necessary to build a successful online business.

Now what marketing sale would not be complete without a bonus?  When you purchase through my link here in this post and you see the affiliate ID of ‘baresales’ on your clickbank order form, I will make your $37 well worth it….or if you’re smart enough, you’ll see how to get it for a $10 discount and pay just $27 instead for the same thing.

Here is the link to use ==>

Marketing wih Anik bonus #1: I will mail you a copy of the Speedy Profit Creator DVD: 10 videos to help get your first product out to the market ($97 value)

Marketing with Anik bonus #2: I will provide lifetime text message and email coaching: Just send me a question and I’ll give you my best answer. ($Priceless!)

Marketing with Anik bonus #3: I will give you access to some killer MMR and PLR products that you can use and take to test out what you learn in the course.  You can even give some away for free when you start to build your own lists in an ethical bribe.   See some of the titles included:

  1. 350 Social Media Tactics
  2. One Month-1000 Members
  3. Keyword Domination
  4. Webinar Basics
  5. Facebook Marketing Secrets
  6. Legal Pages Generator
  7. The Article Wizard
  8. Understanding SEO
  9. Your First Sale Online
  10. Online Profit Streams

Marketing with Anik bonus #4: I will give your website an indepth look over and will provide you with some constructive critiques on how you can make it better and connect it all around the internet.

SUPER MARKETING WITH ANIK BONUS: You must take at least one upgrade with Anik to qualify for this package:

  • I will send you a physical Copy of Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript v.3.0 ($97 value)
  • I will send you a physical DVD of the Manuscript along with two of Mike Filsaimes best selling products, Viral Friend Generator and Powerlink Generator ($597 value)

SUPER DUPER MARKETING WITH ANIK BONUS: Take all three upgrades and you get this from me as well as everything above:

  • I’ll pay for your one year membership to MeetCheap. ($120 value) This is a soon to be released Online conferenceing software that will allow you to have a 100 seat conference room for you to use with your business.  You can also use this to build a business as well and earn commissions.

So head on over and get your 15 week Marketing with Anik course now:

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why should I trust you? By Daegan Smith

“Why should I trust you?”
– By Daegan Smith

Just yesterday while checking emails I
got asked:

“Why should I trust you?”

A few minutes later, a message came in
from a person so hungry to change their
life that they were willing to put their
house on the line to work with me.

Not 30 minutes later …

I got a message from someone who was, at
a time working 1 on 1 with who decided
to give up (in my opinion) a little too
soon, only to tell me about, you guess
it …

About another great new business they
wanted me to look at that launches next

Yet here I am.

Doing the same things I’ve done since

Getting the same results. For the back
story go to:

If that doesn’t sum up the home business
industry then I don’t know what does.

At first glance these happenings appear
totally unrelated, but there is a secret
hidden behind them that if understood .
. .

The ONE pink elephant in the room of the
home business industry that no one ever
talks about is that no one trusts

For the most part, most would be home
business entrepreneurs have “tried” so
many businesses, systems, and tactics,
that they’re in a total state of

They’ve shut down.

Emotionally …

They feel slighted, they feel used, yet

At the same time they feel desperate to

Stop and think about THAT a second.

That’s a lot going on in a person’s head
ALL at once.

Conflict, a lack of focus, lots of fear,
and mental paralysis.

It’s not that much different than …

A puppy would act if you fed him and
scolded him simultaneously.

After a period of time, the poor puppy
doesn’t know what to think or do.

(HINT: That “might” be how some your
prospects look at you.)

What happens to people in this industry
over and over again?

Someone says:

“Hey buddy, we got the best biz on the
planet. Join us and we’ll take care of

The would be entrepreneur says to

“That guy seems nice, he’s got a great
product, he seems to have it all figured
out, and you sure can make a lot in the
business. I think I’ll give it shot.”

The entrepreneur jumps in, then is told
to call leads and immediately feels the
constant cold sting of rejection.

Next, our entrepreneur friend is told to
go to all the company gatherings where
everyone’s happy, positive, and excited
about everything.

Optimism regained.

Back home again …

Our friend hits the phones for more
rejection while his pocket’s bleed of
cash with no praise and no profits.

It’s an emotional roller coaster.

Eventually he gives up.

He just can’t take it.

And …

Clearly, that business wasn’t all it was
cracked up to be.

What happens next?

Someone else, another opportunity,
presents our entrepreneur with another
great opportunity.

A PURE winner.

Our eternally optimistic entrepreneur
jumps in (this one has to be better than
the last), then …

A few months later the same exact fate
befalls him.

Eventually our would be entrepreneur,
get’s understandably gets hardened,

For 99.9% of us …

That’s what we go all go through, until

Something changes.

But what?

Remember, I told you about the three
different messages I got yesterday?

Can you spot the stages each person is

I can.

I can’t fault the guy that doesn’t trust
me for not trusting me.

He’s probably been burned so many times
all he knows is fear, anger, and
distrust, but that does raise an
interesting question . . .

“Why would he be reading my emails?”

After all, he’s not getting them by

He had to proactively opt in, become a
subscriber, read a few issues, and then
start to complain.

(Hmmm . . .)

Why did my “business musical chairs”
friend tell me about yet another one of
her new great opportunities?

Why was the third person dying so bad to
be part of my team?

Understand this:

No matter how many times a person’s been
burned …

No matter how many times a person comes
to you with a new opportunity for you to
look at …

No matter how many people are willing to
mortgage their house to join in business
with you . . .

On thing remains true.

The desire for more.

The fire that was originally ignited
never goes out.

Once a wealth seeker always a wealth

What changes a wealth seeker to a wealth

Instead of looking outwards for the
answer, you start to look inside and ask

But to be pragmatic about it.

Do the opposite.

If you’ve been in more than a few
businesses, then maybe …

Committing to one biz for the next five
years may be your answer.

If you’ve always followed the advice of
your sponsor as doctrine, then maybe …

NOT doing that anymore is the answer.

If you’ve been buying and calling leads
and it’s not working, then just maybe

NOT calling leads and instead giving
this a try is the answer:

To the top,

Daegan Smith
How To Make Money By
Simply Sharing This Lesson

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lesson and create a new residual income
stream for free to boot? It’s a simple
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Daegan Smith Marketing Network Marketing

Dirty Truth About Network Marketing That you Must Know

The Dirty Truth About Network Marketing That you Must Know
and Understand If You Ever Want to Succeed

Here it is: ( I just got this from Daegan Smith, the king of never having to call a lead and had to share with you!)

On the surface, network marketing companies appear to be
thriving communities of consuming customers all happy with
the product that they are consuming and they really are, but
what drives that community of thriving consumers has
absolutely nothing to do with the product itself.

Let’s think about this statement.

Let me ask you a question:

Why did you decided to get started in a network marketing

You don’t have to say anything out loud but answer this
question in your head right now to yourself.

I guarantee you answer is somewhere along these lines “Well,
I started my business because I wanted to make some extra
money and who knows maybe even become financially free.”

Am I right?

Well let me ask you another question now.

When you prospect and talk to leads about your business what
do you talk to them about?

Most likely you try to stick to the corporate script which
inevitable ends up with your prospect asking you questions
about your network marketing companies products or services.

And by the end of the conversation you’ve lost control of
the call and both you and your prospect end up confused
(usually get somewhere between details about your companies
product or service and the compensation plan).

You get of the phone and hope that my some grace of god your
prospect you paid $5 to confuse will decided to join your

Likely story!

Here’s why:

Successful Network Marketing has NOTHING to do with selling
your prospect on your product at ALL!

To the contrary, the only thing that you should EVER talk to
your prospect about is the same thing that got you sold on
your companies business . . . More Money and Financial

You see network marketing is built on financial hopes and
dreams and honestly, if you’re looking for business builders
to recruit into your organization your prospects hopes and
dreams of financial success are the only thing that you
should speak to them about, so they can sell themselves on

As an illustration of this principle think about the
situation this way, if you had equal amounts of your
company’s product in one hand and money in the other which
do you think your prospect would choose?

The top money earners know the answer to that question and
that’s how why make all there money!

Here’s the other shift in perspective that you’re going to
have to make if you want to have ultimate success with your
business and it’s simply a logical continuation on the point
just discussed.

What you think of as your company’s product is NOT its real
product at ALL!

Do you think your network marketing company’s product is its
moon juice or long distance service?

If you do you’re very wrong.

Continuing on from my last point, remember your network
marketing business will not grow if you just push product it
will only grow if you sell people on their financial

So if you think about it, your company’s real product is
it’s sales training and marketing system. The better your
company’s marketing system is able to help you generate
sales the better any more quickly you will be able to reap
the financial benefits of your business.

To extend this point further, eventually you’ll want your
downline to do all the work so you don’t have to.

The simpler and more effective the marketing system plus the
strong the training your company provides the easier your
system will duplicate.

If you want to think about it in its most simple form, your
company’s real product is its duplicability.

If you find a system that is easy to duplicate and you can
have your prospect “sell themselves” on their financial
dreams you will have a highly successful network marketing

Your Job is Simple:

Find people that want to attain financial freedom your way
and then shorten their learning curve so that they can go
out and do the same.

Resource Box:

Discover how to earn a whopping $4,567,09 per month in your
spare time even if nobody joins your MLM business. Forget
cold calling. Forget those home meetings. In fact, forget
everything you’ve ever been taught about building a solid
income in Network Marketing from the “gurus”. Let this 25-
yr “unknown” marketer show you how he built an organization
of over 4,120 in 14 short months without making one phone
call! ==> Free DVD Boot Camp!


Podcast Your Way to a World of Smartphones and iPads

As Featured On EzineArticles

Now that technology has exploded where even the youngest school children are getting their own smartphones at an early age, you are seeing a change in the way people learn. Many may be taking time away from their books and Cd purchases and instead downloading ebooks, audiobooks, digital files and Podcasts for instant gratification.

The focus here is on the later of these file types, the “Podcast”. A Podcast is basically an electronic file that is in audio format, often an mp3 that can easily be downloaded onto a computer or smartphone, iPad/iPhone etc. This allows someone the opportunity to start listening right away. If you are in a business, this is a phenomenal way to get your content out to the masses quickly and very cost effective.

Using a program like audacity, you can easily record your message and save as an mp3 format, upload it to your own web hosing program or to many free sources that will take a file. You will often get a link so you know where to send your visitors to. If you are an experienced online marketer, you know about cloaking your links to protect your content, otherwise, people might figure it out (which could be a problem if you are trying to sell the mp3).

If you want to sound more professional you can add professional quality voice overs, intro/exit music and theme music, and this all can come easier with practice. There are of course many services out there that will do it all for you, but that will kind of defeat the purpose of your gain. When you make it big, this might be something to visit in regards to outsourcing your work.

To make yourself available, so the world of smartphones and iPads can find you, you can submit your work to sites like iTunes. Where there is a large amount of free downloadable podcasts. Weekly updates or radio shows are available as well that members can subscribe to get your weekly content. If you plan on giving away free content though, I would suggest keeping it basic and not giving away all your tips. For the big tips, save these for the paid members or a special forum of elite subscribers that you can monetize later on with a similar product that you make or are affiliated with.

There are many professesions who can benefit from podcasts both as a teaching and learning tool, so do not think you do not have what it takes in order to be successful with podcasts. If you set aside 15 minutes you could probably get one online and see just how easy it is!

David Gardner, of thinks you can learn quickly how to take a simple podcast and use it to promote and grow your business or even teach someone something new! You can find out more about easy ways to complete a podcast at and see a special message from David Gardner today!

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Marketing mobile device mobile landing page

Mobile Landing Pages and Why You Need One Yesterday

As Featured On EzineArticles

As the world of cellular and mobile device technology continues to evolve, you need to evolve with it. Whether you believe in evolution or not, you will become extinct if you do not evolve with the changing times. It seems that survival of the fittest comes into play as well as those internet marketers who have made adaptations to their websites will be the ones who survive as mobile devices will display a web page differently then a normal computer browser.

I am sure you have taken note of this before when you look at the same website on different computers between work, school, home, the library etc. If the dimensions are not suitable for your viewing medium, you may see pictures aligned wrong, or not there at all. Text that should have looked nice, is jumbled or overlapping. The problems go on and on.

If you have internet access on your mobile device, such as a smart phone, iPad, iPhone etc., you may have noticed you can not see everything you need when you view through these smaller devices. Scrolling becomes a mess and you often can not navigate as well as you would like to. There must be an easier way.

That way is through “Mobile Landing Pages” which are designed specifically to be smaller in dimensions and have limited information so that they get right to the point and yet still draw in new clients to whatever it is your goal is. Perhaps an internet marketer wants to give away a free ebook or audio of a report or interview, they can set up a capture page (also known as an opt-in page, landing page as well as some other names) and easily ask for a first name and email address to send the report to. The new client would then get an email directing them to the correct information assuming there was an autoresponder set up or a direct link to the product on the following page.

I had to of course check this out to believe it and what other way to do it but to check out some of my own sites to see where I was having issues. I borrowed my brother in laws iPhone and started tapping in the domain names to some of my websites and low and behold, they sure seemed to have issues with appearance on these smaller devices.

Some of the things I noticed that would deter a person from getting what they needed out of my site as well as would keep them from becoming a member of my list include but were not limited to are below:

1) The font size is dramatically reduced

2) scrolling options and navigation of the larger view did not all show up on my screen

3) Some of the videos were not mobile friendly and would not load

4) My opt-in box was not visible on top of the fold (this means on the top portion of what you see and therefore should not have to scroll around to find)

5) my links seemed to blend together when two words separated by a space or comma were present.

As you can see, these are all issues that would quickly deter a person away from your site. Why spend more time fighting with a site, when you can find another one right? This is exactly what you do not want to happen of course. You want them to stay with your site and opt in to your report, audio etc.

By having the appropriate set up or possible options in your web design, you will make your customer experience an easier one. The old saying of KISS comes to play here with Keep It Simple Silly (or substitute whatever else for the second ‘S’) where you really do not want to overwhelm the site visitor.

The whole point of a mobile device with internet capabilities is to make things quick and easy so people do not have to fight around in an effort to find your information. These devices are limited already in size, so you need to adapt if you are to survive these changes. I realize they are making larger touchpads, which solve some of the issues, but you do not see to many people walking around with a huge iPad in their back pocket or in line at the grocery store.

If you have advertising out in the real world, people are looking for instant gratification to look you up on the road and be able to experience what you have to offer without having to struggle with limited dexterity and typing on a smaller touchpad. Any change you can make to ease the customer experience will be one that will benefit you and your business in the long run so that you continue to evolve and be the leader.

Author Bio

David Gardner takes time working with local businesses so that they may reach the communities easier. Setting up websites, Google place pages, Facebook fan pages and mobile landing pages for the business are just some of the services he provides. As this is booming technology and the wave of the future he is glad to help as many people as he has time for in their efforts to survive the evolution that is occurring with online media and technology. You can get David to set up your mobile landing page and much more at

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GVO GVO Conference Marketing

GVO Conference

I have been a member of GVO for over 14 months. They host many of my websites (inlcuding this blog you are reading now!) and I have been extremely satisfied with their support and programs. Just recently they helped me fix html code for one of my websites.

Currently as a member of GVO, I have access to GVO Conference, which is a 10 seat conference room where I can have people from all over the world join me in an online webinar, video/audio chat and more. They have continually upgraded this and are launching it as its own network marketing product. Currently, it is in the pre-launch phase, but it is still a working product. They have tweaked, added, sampled and more to make it the smoothest running software they could think of.

As mentioned above, whether it is hosting your own webinar, having an audio or video chat, sharing files or prospecting online, you want to make sure your system can withstand the fluctuations that regularly occur in the United States and around the world in regards to computer technology. As Joel Therien, the founder of GVO Conference puts it, this is all its own material with its own fiber optic hook up and own regulations. Becuase of this, they can charge whatever they want for it. Where you could be paying up to $100 per month with another company to host your webinars and more, Joel tells us you will love the price they are offering you (keeping it secret as this is currently the team building phase as well.)

I remember going to an informational meeting for Market America a few years back on a cold and snowy night, driving to someones house who has thought we would be a good fit into the company and sitting through an hour or so of their “opportunity.” They had flip charts and pamphlets for us to take and look over so we could make our own informed decission of whether or not we wanted to join their program. Later they told us about a webinar that we could watch to show some of our list of candidates (that we thought might want to check out the opportunity as well.)

Now this would have been nice to watch in the first place, where I could have gotten some general ideas and then moved forward with the physical meeting later on at the house. If I can get something done from home, it sure beats having to go out and away from the family for sure. I am sure many of you reading this will feel the same way when it comes to running your business. The idea that you could set it up and run trainings, FAQ sessions, webinars, audio and video chatting and much more from home should be very appealing for all business owners.

David Gardner is a Member of Global Virtual Opportunities on Company Profiles

One example would be for people in the multi level marketing or MLM industry, in that they could save on the travel and renting of hotel rooms and instead have people enroll in one of their online webinars and participate that way. I know it is a different dynamic than being their first hand, but with the changes in technology today, people want things to be easier and easier to access. Heck, I went to one of the Market America hotel meetings and they wanted $15 to attend and called it a training session. For the members themselves they wanted $5 each time they brought someone else to view the opportunity and made it out to be like a dues fee! I found that somewhat strange that they had to pay to see the opportunity. I considered it a chance to educate myself in how the “system” works sometimes.

People do not want to pay to have to hear stuff, instead invite them to the no risk, no cost , webinar where they can learn more from the comfort of their home and are not put into an akward position of chatter with someone face to face over a product they might not care to promote. There is a whole slew of ideas that can be put to debate on MLM companies, but that is for another story.

As technology continues to change, Joel Therien has continued to change his business as well.  GVO Conference is going to make your life much easier for your company. Lets say for example you are a health food store near a large grocery store. You are probably paying a lot in advertising to get people to come to your store, so being in the mind of spending money, you might as well invest some of that instead to a program that can help improve your customer relations. With conference room software you can set up webinars where customers can come and see new ways to use health food and vitamins in conjunction with a fitness routine. Or there could be a weekly cooking session where the store uses their own items (so people know exactly where they can get everything of course!) and make a full meal. The ideas and possibilities for having a conference room are multiple As a science teacher, another example I can see for using this software is for having nighttime study or review sessions for my students. A coach could put up highlights or a new play for the team to check out for the next day. Distance learning courses or meeting are made easy and can save companies thousands of dollars per year without having to fly their employee to meetings when they can stream it live. As I see this GVO Conference software as something that can be used in almost any business or even for your own family fun, I am sure you can come up with ideas of your own as well.

I would appreciate you checking out GVO Conference for yourself and making your own informed decision. If you have any comments of questions please leave them below and I will answer to the best of my ability in my efforts to help you become successful in your business. This does have the option to be an MLM business for you if you decide, but there is no pressure to bring anyone else in. If you wanted to use it only for yourself and never promote it, that is up to you, but the option of doing it is there. As GVO Conference is new in the sense of being independent from GVO as a product, this really could be your opportunity to get in on the “Ground Floor,” but not have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours of your time driving to meetings and dragging your family and best friends with you. Heck, my brother might even like this one as he could implement it into his electrical sales position informing clients of new products that are coming out in a Q&A session. I know he likes to take the guys out golfing, but this can save his company some funds down the road as he would not have to drive to each client and give the same speach over and over again.

Click on the appropriate links here or within the post for more information on GVO Conference or GVO

Web Traffic Generation

6 easy ways to get traffic

I have just put together a report on 6 easy ways to get traffic to your websites this afternoon.  Check out my new website at and get the full report there.  It is geared towards, but not limited to new business owners, newbies in the online marketing world, people looking to develop their social media profiles, and people 1-3 years in business who may be struggling to make things work online with what they know so far.

What may seem basic to the more seasoned gurus with outsourcing crews around the world, those new to at home work, entrepreneurial experiences or affiliate sales might need a little more direction in what they need to do to succeed.  After you get the report, find a quite place and time to read it though!  I want you to come back here and leave a comment on what you think after reading it the first time and then I want to have you read it again a few days later to see what you have accomplished and come back and leave another reply with the updates and improvements you have made.

So head on over to now and check out the 6 easy ways to get traffic to your websites this afternoon.