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Banner Ad Rockstar Easily makes ads in minutes

Recently I picked up the free version of Banner Ad Rockstar. Within a few minutes I has made my first ad and it only took about 10 minutes to do the others. Not bad for something you might pay someone esle to do for you. Why bother, you might as well save your money and make some quality looking ads and save yourself the hassle of using someone esle and waiting to hear back from them. You will also save money too, which is always great.

Get your own copy right here and see the videos I just put together showing how easy it is to use.

Banner ad Rockstar

Banner ad Rockstar Training Video #1

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BannerAd Rockstar Video 2

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Banner Ad software that lives up to the Rockstar name

I just found out about Banner Ad Rockstar

This is a free software program that lets you create banner ads for all the standard sizes typically associated with online ads. Their simple format allows you to easily create ads in minutes. The sample above I actually created while I was litterally falling asleep at my computer the other night. I just had to try it out to believe it.

Now I could have spent anywhere from $5-$100 to get a banner package made by a designer, but instead I did not spend a dime. The basic package is free for the lifetime of the product and allows you to make as many ads as you want in the following formats, .jpeg, .gif and .png.

If you want to do animated gif as well as flash, they do offer an upgraded package as well as additional databases for you to use as much as you want. Again, considering the cost of having to pay someone else to make them you will more than break even in the long run should you choose to upgrade.

Once you realize how easy it is, you will be pulling out ads left and right to be able to run split tests with ease. They have a copy function that allows you to copy your current ad, which can then easily be changed in regards to a heading, color, call to action etc.

Banner Ad Rockstar is one of those software’s out there today that can make your life online that much easier by saving you time and money. Heck, you might even have fun doing it.

As we all want to lower our overhead costs, this is an ideal method that provides high quality products that will suite the needs of your business or blog. You can easily save your image and upload wherever you want or send it as an attachment to a local newspaper or similar printed publication as well as a national magazine.

The choice is yours. Continue to pay others to make your ads for you, or save a bunch of your own hard earned cash and quickly and easily do it yourself.

Try Banner Ad Rockstar