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MLM Affiliate Cash Snipers in Action

Check out how Affiliate Cash Snipers Customizes your interests

The above “SNIPER” deals with MLM, or Multi-level marketing books.  You may be just breaking into the industry, or might be looking to improve your seasoned ways and reading will help you establish or maintain your focus.

MLM has been around for years, often gaining a bad reputation due to the pyramid feel to it.  In some cases, it truly is the top of the line that only gains success, while in others there are multi levels where success can be achieved.

When you are getting into a MLM, you should carry out your due diligence and research the company and its requirements fully before you jump in.  Otherwise, you might end up losing a lot of money on buying products that fill up your garage or basement.

You should also realize that MLM is actually a great way to break into the business field.  There is no other place where you can get an endless amount of training and support for a limited amount of money.  Compare this to opening a major food chain, and you are talking an investment that is pennies on the dollar.

Recently I read Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump’s novel, “Why we want you to be Rich” and even they both support MLM for the reasons of low start up cost and extensive training.  Where else could you fail and not get fired for continually being willing to try to improve. 

I am currently involved in MLM related to online marketing products.  I like them because the cost if very competitive, the service is phenomenal and I can promote the products to other marketers and businesses who have a need for these services.  The best thing is that my garage is not loaded with boxes I need to ship out.

If you are interested in MLM, I highly recommend and endorse the following.  If you have a business or are looking to start one, these services will only improve your standing online and in your customers eyes.

GVO Hosting: I have the Titanium account with unlimited hosting, autoresponder, online conference rooms and more for just $45 a month.

GVO Host Then Profits: This is the starter version of the above with basically the same package, but limited to 4 domains hosted.  This is perfect for someone just starting out and getting their online presence built.

GVO-Conference: Provides webinar services, desktop sharing, audio/video/text chat in live form for customer service,  live trainings or just keeping up with friends: I have $10/month account with this for 100 seats.

Meet Cheap: This is the starter version of GVO-Conference where you can get a 20 seat online conference room for just $1.67 a month or $20 a year to use for your self, or can also upgrade to the 100 seat room and become a distributor for $10 a month.

I welcome any questions or comments you have in regards to any of these packages and remind you that often MLM requires you to invest a couple hundred dollars a month in products you are pushing out to others.  You could pick up a couple of these accounts above and still have money left over to build your business.

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Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software Business

Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software
Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software LIve Today

THIS JUST IN: Monday January 23, 2012 at 12pm EST brings the long awaited public release of Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software and Business.

If you are involved in any marketing you have probably been on a webinar in the past year, or even this past week.  Webinars have taken over in regards to getting information out to people.  Online trainings, sales videos, showing powerpoints, sharing desktops, live support and much more take place on these Webinars.

You can also use them for a online social event to chat with like minded individuals of just to talk with friends and family.  With some of the online services out there, you may pay a hefty monthly sum for these services.  Meet Cheap solves that problem, so that all levels of marketers, businesses, teachers, coaches and more can benefit from the features provided in the software.

Unlike some of the other webinar platforms available, where you may not be able to promote their services and earn commissions, Meet Cheap also has a business platform where you can share a special affiliate link and earn commissions when you refer new members to the services.

With low monthly costs, this service is easily accessible to everyone.  Starting at just $20 a year for a 20 seat conference room, this would be the ideal solution for a small business with limited clients.  As they build their business, they can upgrade to the $10/month package that brings them a 100 seat conference room and allows them to become resellers of the service as well and earn commissions.  Larger packages of 300 and 500 seat roms etc. are also available at competitive rates.

Meet Cheap is the product of Joel Therien, the CEO of GVO, or Global Virtual Opportunities, whose other products include Kiosk hosting, GVO Hosting, Hot Conference, GVO Conference and Host Then Profits.  They focus on businesses working online and have a 12 year track record of succes and are used by and supported from many big name marketers such as Mike Filsaime and Daegan Smith.

Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software
Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software

If you are starting out online and want to make a presence, getting your face in front of others with webinars will set you apart from the rest of the marketers following old practices.  Make the wise investment, by joining at any level suitable to your business today and you will already be ahead of most others online. 

When you Join I will give you as much support as I can, in addition to the support you recieve from the members area.  This truly can take your business to the next level.  So Click Here to get your room started today==> Meet Cheap

When you join you might also see something for Viral Webcaster.  I highly suggest you jump on this as well as this will integrate your webinars into Facebook…Yes, Facebook.  Think about that for a moment.  When you invite someone to a webinar, it shows up on their FB page and all of their friends see it, hence it starts to spread virally.  That alone should get you excited in building your business.

Feel free to leave a comment below with questions or concerns.



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Mark Hoverson Information Blueprint released again

I just found out that Mark Hoverson decided to re-open his Irresistible Information Marketing Blueprint.  Not that it really matters for me in that I already own it, but more for the general public who could not get off the fence a couple months ago and take action.

Well consider yourself fortunate as you now have the ability to invest in yourself with the product.  To be honest, I am a little behind the eight ball here, in that I am going throught the first module right now myself, while others might have moved through the course.

No big deal here as you can go at your own pace.  You see, I moved this summer and was basically renovating the house myself, so my marketing took a backseat for a while, but now I am ready to go and would love to have you join in the course with me as I am ready to move forward.

When they first opened, in the first 24 hours alone, they sold 1200 copies at $297 each. As you possibly decided to not take him up on this price you will have to fork over $497 at least now…But he is more than hooking you up for the extra cost with extra training and help that will make it worth your while. 

You will have to come see what Mark Hoverson has to say himself!

Mark Hoverson's Irrisistible Info-Marketing Bluepring
Mark Hoverson's Irrisistible Info-Marketing Bluepring

I am an affiliate in the Magnetic Sponsoring system and there fore will receive a commission here and want to blow other marketer sout of the water like Jonathon Budd and Katie Freiling who are currently enjoy top contest spots, so I want to offer you a bonus as well when you invest in your education. which you will see below. I will find out who you are through the magnetic office dashboard and will be in touch, but here are some of the goodies you will get when you purchase through the links on this post!

1) Speedy Profit Creator DVD mailed to your home. This will perfectly compliment Module one of the Making a caffeine product.

2) I’ll give you my phone number so we can develop our Irrisistible Team! This will complement module 2 perfectly! A mastermind group is integral in getting yourself on the successful track.

3a) One full year of GVO Conference online webinar service! This is well over $130 in cost for the set-up and monthly fees. This is the sweet spot to compliment Module #3 and especially #4 in regards to making videos and webinars! Show me another marketer looking to offer this bonus and I’ll be surprised. Who wants another website with a ton of PLR you can play around with when instead you can get a software you will actually use (look back at bonus two about team building….this works here as well!)


3b) I will buy your Wishlist member Site license.  This is a crazy wordpress plugin that turns your blog into a Membership website and is currently being used on almost 30,000 blogs around the world.  This is a real $97 value if you want to go pay for it yourself.

4) Ill send you a copy of Predictably Irrational, by Dan Ariely, which help you set up your sites in regards to the psychology of the buyer…I am currently reading this and getting ready to change many of my sites around because of it.

5) I will have some unannounced bonuses here as well as we continue to work as part of our own irrisistible team! These will be available when you continue to stay and grow with the team.

So before you have to pay at least $997, why not go save $$ now and get Mark Hoverson’s Irrisistible Info-Marketing Bluepring through this link here:

I look forward to working with you

GVO GVO Conference Host Then Profit Marketing web hosting webinar

GVO Host then profit webinar replay with Joel Therien and Mark Call

Last nights GVO Host Then Profit webinar with Joel Therien, Mark Call, Brian Bear, Tissa Godavitarne and more was eye opening last night.

You can see the replay right now at
==> Host The Profit Replay

A short warning in that they do go almost 2 hours, but this will be worth your time for sure to smooth away any questions and concern you might have about GVO Host Then Profit.

GVO Offers web hosting and online marketing solutions which include but are not limited to the following:
Web hosting, video production/hosting, autoresonder, opt in forms, page templates, recruiting templates, banners, downtime witness, online conference software and more all with 24 hour live support and a ton of weekly live trainings as well as recorded videos.

The main focus here is the idea that you will be saving money. There is no guarantee you will make money with GVO, but it is highly likely you might! If you were to pay for all the featured software independently of GVO, you would be running a monthly bill of at least $100-500, while GVO Host Then Profit, is a measley $9.97/month.

What you get for this is a limited version of their titanium package with hosting up to 4 domains, a 500 subscriber list (these can be upgraded as your business grows as well) blogger builder, conference room and more.

After watching and listening to how some of the top affiliates were making out, like Brian Bear, coming out of his truck for the most part and pulling over 300 new members was enlightening.

The key idea is sticking with the basics. If you do a video of the basics and get others to know like and trust your message, they are more apt to believe in what you are talking about and willing to see the information you are presenting to them as being beneficial. When we are trying to help you save money in your business, this is the icing on the cake.

See the video replay for yourself at
==> Host Then Profit Replay

I have personally been using GVO for over 2 years and swear by them. Their support and freindliness goes beyond what you would ever expect. When you can communicate with the ones who run the show, you know it is a company you want to work with.

Though you might need to re-arrange your schedule some to watch the video, you will get the idea that this is what you need to do for your business today. Whether you have a developed site and need to cut back somewhere, this will help, or if you are new and starting out as well, this will get you going in a cost effective manner as well.

Find out for yourself at Host Then Profit Replay

Evergreen Business Systems GVO Conference Mike Filsaime webinar

Mike Filsaime’s Evergreen Business Systems automated webinars is back


I am excited that Mike Filsaime has brough back his Evergreen Business Systems automated webinar product for more people to use.

As I develop my business, I find this something that is going to be extremely important as I continue to make adjustments and leverage my time. As a school teacher, I also see uses for it here as well as I can post automated webinars for my students to learn from in support of what we cover in class.

The software will allow you to take a webinar you produce and host it for you and run as many times a day as you want it to for as long as you want it to. Think of the possibilities it present. I have purchase this already and can not wait to start putting it into action myself.

Why you need to look into Evergreen Business Systems

1) Promote someone else’s product
2) Promote your own product
3) Hold a training session
4) Put it up as in informational session where people can learn about a business or product
5) Recruit people while you are sleeping with high quality information without having to repeat yourself over and over again
6) Save money on gas and house/hotel meetings where you would do the same thing
7) I hope you get the drift by now!

To sweeten the offer by Mike Filsaime for his Evergreen Business Systems, I have put together a Bonus offer when you join Evergreen Business Systems through this link only:

1) PLR to Webinar Basics Ebook and autoresponder series. You can resell this to make a profit yourself!

2) Paid year membership in GVO Conference where you will get a 50 seat conference room! I will bring you in and set up your account for 1 full year. Why pay hundreds, when you can get it for FREE as a bonus!

3) My cell phone number so you can call me with quesitons!

They are having a special webinar with Mr. X soon, so go check out Evergreen Business Systems today to get in before the price goes up!

Daegan Smith GVO Conference Magnetic Sponsoring Mark Hoverson Maximum Leverage Mike Dillard

Daegan Smiths Maximum leverage discount and bonus leak

I just watched Daegan Smith’s video for the annual subscription launch and was intrigued by all ths big names who gave testimonials in the video itself. Mike Dillard, Brian Fanale, Nathan Hopkins and Mark Hoverson to name a few give Deagan Smith some crucial social proof.

If these online marketers are giving him props this way, you know his Maximum Leverage must be beneficial. As another year of his course has come full circle, he is opening up his memership to about 180 new students and is providing a massive 79% discount (oops, the cat is out of the bag on this one) where you will get 12 months for basically the cost of three!

$497 will get you in for his full year membership where you will learn the methods he has used to become the “king of never having to call a lead” and develop your business with the likes of those marketers listed above like Dillard, Fanale, Hopkins and Hoverson.

In addition to his complete online audio series, you will also be receiving bonus dvds relating to topics such as lead generation/recruiting, creating front end cash and creating multiple streams of income.

So look for the Guru’s around 5 and a half minutes into the video to see what they have to say. In case you don’t trust me so much, these guys should smooth your concerns.

No as a great marketer, I want to provide you with additional content that will help to supplement your purchase, so I have a few bonuses I am prepare to offer those who take action and are on of the few who get into Daegan Smith’s Maximum Leverage membership in the next couple days.

Bonus #1:
I will send you a physical Copy of Mike Dillards Magnetic Sponsoring book! This way you can’t complain that it is on your computer in a PDF and you won’t get around to it. You can take notes and bring it wherever to compliment your recruiting.

Bonus #2:
I will purchase you a 1 year subscription to GVO Conference where you will be able to have a 50 seat conference room to run as many webinars as you want for a full year!

Bonus #3:
I will send you my cell phone number so that you can contact me with any marketing questions you have.

Now as this is a world where people will try to download Deagan’s product and them ask for a refund, In order for you to get these bonuses, there will be a wait period before some bonuses will be released, especially physical products etc. but will be well worth the wait. If you already have these, you can let me know and I will provide an alternate bonus equivalent to that being changed.

As the online world has been rapidly changing in the past two years, why not follow someone who has tested over and over again and knows what is going on and save yourself a world of pain in regards to time and money wasted trying to go it alone!.

Come check out Deagan Smith’s Maximum Leverage Annual membership here ==>

Daegan Smith GVO GVO Conference Marketing

Daegan Smith Maximum Leverage Breakthrough Contest

Daegan Smith, of Maximum Leverage, is the King of Never having to call a lead.  He just put out a contest to see what out biggest breakthrough in marketing so far this year was.

Having focus is the biggest thing that is needed, especially for new marketers online who may become overwhelmed with information overload from all the sources out there today.

You can find more out about Daegan Smith, in case you have no clue who he is at his BootCamp:

anik singal blogging GVO Conference Profit Jackpot

Anik Singal is a blogging liar

Seriously though, I spent a couple hours watching the training videos of Anik Singal’s new autoblogging Profit Jackpot and changing settings, keywords and linking some clickbank and other products.

So do not believe the hype that you can put 10 sites in 10 minutes….Anyone who tells you that is full of crap!

Aside from the hype, the software is rocking already.  I spent some time here and there over the last two days and put together two blogs you can check out for my proof that it works!

On Tuesday I completed and Wednesday added (to my original site)  As you can see there are only two to three days worth of content, but I have links going everywhere, comments all over and many postings. Ironically, I even saw some I made myself show up there!

I would highly suggest getting Profit Jackpot today while the cost is cheap and I have a great tip for you to get an extra discount….I missed out later, but want to help you.

When the sales page opens, close it and click cancel to see the other discounted offer (you might need to do this twice) and you will get a $10 off price point.

If you decide to upgrade, which I did to get the other auto software, the first upgrade is for $297, but you can get for $197 if you click the no thanks button!  I missed it, but again want you to be helped out.

If you take all the upgrades, I will hook you up with a free year of GVO Conference, which costs over $100 itself and is an amazing new online tool to help your business.

GVO GVO Conference

GVO Hosting 30 day free trial

I just found out from my “other” host provider, GVO Hosting, that they are going to be allowing a 30 day Free trial of their complete service which includes, but is not limited to hosting, autoresponders, video storage, live training, blogger builder, conference room for live webinars/chat etc., prospecting systems, 24 hour live support and more!

Having control over everything in the same place has helped to streamline my business as it groes.  Instead of having to deal with 5 or more different places and then getting billed by 5 different places, one benefit here is the make you billing simpler that it was before.  It should also bring down the cost of your montly expenses as they are extremely competitive with companies like Aweber and GoToMeeting.

For those who are just starting out, this is crucial in order to develop into an alpha marketer.  When potential clients see that you have the ability to carry out all these functions, they are more apt to trust your character and listen to what you say.

Now if you are really trying to figure out the benefits of the wholesystem they have here at GVO Hosting, I have a quick list about all the major features here:

1) Hosting:  Depending on the package you choose, you can get more bandwith and storage than you would ever need.  I think Hosting at places like Host Gator and GoDaddy can both be good, but may be limited in their overall capabilities and whether or not they have cPanel options.

2) Auto-responders:  What other way would be easier to set-it-and-forget-it.  When someone opts into your log, you want them to be able to get a series of messages that may do anything from educate a person with quality content to keeping them updated to great offers and specials.  Typing up a series of messages in advance will secure these get delivered to your clients in a consistent manner.  Having the ability to send out a “blast” or “broadcast” on the spot helps to get a quick and easy message out to all the current members only.

3) Video Storage: Depending on the type of site you want to run, you might have videos that you include as training and want to have these protected so that not everyone can see them.  Options such as YouTube and Amazon S3 are avalable, though the ability to go viral or extra money required can be an issue.

4) Live Training: many times during the week they host live training sessions online that will help you develop your sites, use the whole program to its capacity.  This can be a good refresher for seasoned veterans and a blessing for newbies who are trying to learn the ropes without having to spend additional money on course.

5) Blogger Builder:  Blogs are the way to go these days….you are reading this are you not?  And again, this is something extra that people are worried about in regards to where and how to install this.  Blogger Builder is actually the newest addition to GVO Hosting. Instead of having to go through cPanel, you will instantly be able to start a blog through your hosting dashboard

6) Conference Room: Audio, video, text chatting as well as live webinars (plus the ability to capture them) are just the beginning.  You can also show live web surfing, desktop sharing and whiteboard options.  I previously wrote about all these benefits in the separate GVO Conference in another blog as this is also a stand alone product and is a good idea when you need a larger conference room.  Whether you are prospecting for a business or talking to a relative, the conferencing software is very beneficial.

7) Prospecting System:  See above.  If you are involved in online marketing, you most likely have looked into network marketing in one form or another.  With easy to use opt in forms, templates and links, you can easily share your information for others to check out your service.

8) 24 Hour Live support:  I can not say enough about these guys.  Whether I was chatting live with tech support or submitted a ticket, I usually receive a follow up message very soon thereafter.  They have helped with coding issues as well as general questions in the almost 2 years I have been their client.

So if you have been struggling to keep your accounts organized or if you’re in need for a change from your “regular” hosting provider,  give GVO Hosting a try today for free for 30 days with no credit card required.

GVO GVO Conference Marketing

GVO Conference

I have been a member of GVO for over 14 months. They host many of my websites (inlcuding this blog you are reading now!) and I have been extremely satisfied with their support and programs. Just recently they helped me fix html code for one of my websites.

Currently as a member of GVO, I have access to GVO Conference, which is a 10 seat conference room where I can have people from all over the world join me in an online webinar, video/audio chat and more. They have continually upgraded this and are launching it as its own network marketing product. Currently, it is in the pre-launch phase, but it is still a working product. They have tweaked, added, sampled and more to make it the smoothest running software they could think of.

As mentioned above, whether it is hosting your own webinar, having an audio or video chat, sharing files or prospecting online, you want to make sure your system can withstand the fluctuations that regularly occur in the United States and around the world in regards to computer technology. As Joel Therien, the founder of GVO Conference puts it, this is all its own material with its own fiber optic hook up and own regulations. Becuase of this, they can charge whatever they want for it. Where you could be paying up to $100 per month with another company to host your webinars and more, Joel tells us you will love the price they are offering you (keeping it secret as this is currently the team building phase as well.)

I remember going to an informational meeting for Market America a few years back on a cold and snowy night, driving to someones house who has thought we would be a good fit into the company and sitting through an hour or so of their “opportunity.” They had flip charts and pamphlets for us to take and look over so we could make our own informed decission of whether or not we wanted to join their program. Later they told us about a webinar that we could watch to show some of our list of candidates (that we thought might want to check out the opportunity as well.)

Now this would have been nice to watch in the first place, where I could have gotten some general ideas and then moved forward with the physical meeting later on at the house. If I can get something done from home, it sure beats having to go out and away from the family for sure. I am sure many of you reading this will feel the same way when it comes to running your business. The idea that you could set it up and run trainings, FAQ sessions, webinars, audio and video chatting and much more from home should be very appealing for all business owners.

David Gardner is a Member of Global Virtual Opportunities on Company Profiles

One example would be for people in the multi level marketing or MLM industry, in that they could save on the travel and renting of hotel rooms and instead have people enroll in one of their online webinars and participate that way. I know it is a different dynamic than being their first hand, but with the changes in technology today, people want things to be easier and easier to access. Heck, I went to one of the Market America hotel meetings and they wanted $15 to attend and called it a training session. For the members themselves they wanted $5 each time they brought someone else to view the opportunity and made it out to be like a dues fee! I found that somewhat strange that they had to pay to see the opportunity. I considered it a chance to educate myself in how the “system” works sometimes.

People do not want to pay to have to hear stuff, instead invite them to the no risk, no cost , webinar where they can learn more from the comfort of their home and are not put into an akward position of chatter with someone face to face over a product they might not care to promote. There is a whole slew of ideas that can be put to debate on MLM companies, but that is for another story.

As technology continues to change, Joel Therien has continued to change his business as well.  GVO Conference is going to make your life much easier for your company. Lets say for example you are a health food store near a large grocery store. You are probably paying a lot in advertising to get people to come to your store, so being in the mind of spending money, you might as well invest some of that instead to a program that can help improve your customer relations. With conference room software you can set up webinars where customers can come and see new ways to use health food and vitamins in conjunction with a fitness routine. Or there could be a weekly cooking session where the store uses their own items (so people know exactly where they can get everything of course!) and make a full meal. The ideas and possibilities for having a conference room are multiple As a science teacher, another example I can see for using this software is for having nighttime study or review sessions for my students. A coach could put up highlights or a new play for the team to check out for the next day. Distance learning courses or meeting are made easy and can save companies thousands of dollars per year without having to fly their employee to meetings when they can stream it live. As I see this GVO Conference software as something that can be used in almost any business or even for your own family fun, I am sure you can come up with ideas of your own as well.

I would appreciate you checking out GVO Conference for yourself and making your own informed decision. If you have any comments of questions please leave them below and I will answer to the best of my ability in my efforts to help you become successful in your business. This does have the option to be an MLM business for you if you decide, but there is no pressure to bring anyone else in. If you wanted to use it only for yourself and never promote it, that is up to you, but the option of doing it is there. As GVO Conference is new in the sense of being independent from GVO as a product, this really could be your opportunity to get in on the “Ground Floor,” but not have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours of your time driving to meetings and dragging your family and best friends with you. Heck, my brother might even like this one as he could implement it into his electrical sales position informing clients of new products that are coming out in a Q&A session. I know he likes to take the guys out golfing, but this can save his company some funds down the road as he would not have to drive to each client and give the same speach over and over again.

Click on the appropriate links here or within the post for more information on GVO Conference or GVO