Wondering how the heck we get everything done online, especially if you are  new to the online world and marketing?  Well here are all the tools I use that have brought me to where I am today.  Scroll below to see everything from what I use to host my sites to where I have my autoresponder as well as who are the marketers I look up to as mentors and have helped me in my path to success.

Domain Name Purchase: If you want to be online you want a website:

  1. GoDaddy: I have purchase most of my domains through them
  2. HostGator: This is the site I actually purchased this domain from

Web Hosting: The domain does you no good by itself, you need a company to provide space for your content.

  1. GVO: I host most of my domains through GVO with the Titanium Package
  2. HostGator: This is where I actually host this blog currently

Autoresponder: This is crucial with your opt in form if you are going to have a listof subscribers to promote products and let them know about updates.

  1. GVO: Again they have a complete marketers package.  This is who I have all my lists with.
  2. Get Response: Had to add this as I am on many marketers lists and see this all the time, so they must be good as well.

HTML Editor: You do not need to be a computer whiz to get some basics here to help your site look better.

  1. KompoZer: Free editing software where you can easily type and pull in images off your computer and get the code quickly to put into your website

Image creator: When you want to save on designer fees (if you have a little patience) these are some ways you can easily get high quality looking banners and ads made.

  1. Gimp: Free software to get you making your own images with multiple layers that you can easily copy and change as needed
  2. Instant Banner Creator: Use available templates for easy click and go banners, buttons, headers and footers
  3. Banner Ad Rockstar: This is a new software that is also free and just out (November 2011) that lives up to it’s name!
  4. Free graphic creator: Just found out about this as well to make high quality Headlines, Buy Buttons, Belcher Buttons and Guarantees.

Article Marketing: You want to spread your content in as many ways as possible.  This is just a small list where you can put your work with links back to your main site(s)

  1. eZine Articles: Write 10 or so articles on a specific topic pointing back to a site of interest to build your search engine rankings
  2. WordPress: Write about anything and everything on your blog
  3. Squidoo: Give a tutorial or a how to with steps to show others you are someone they can trust and seek out with questions

Membership Site Software: Have a memerbship site, you need to drip content or have a place where members can get exclusive access to content.

  1. Butterfly Marketing
  2. Wishlist Member

Marketers I know, Like and Trust: There is a lot of information out there these days and you might as well listen to those who have tested over and over online.  They are alphabetical order as you really can’t call one better than the other as I have found value in all of them.

  1. Laura Betterly: Mobile Local Fusion
  2. Russell Brunson: Dot Com Secrets, Underachiever secrets, 12 Month Internet Millionaire, Micro-Continuity
  3. Ryan Deiss: Digital Marketer, Social Media Money System, 43 Split tests, Continuity Blueprint, GMail advertising
  4. Mike Dillard: Magnetic Sponsoring, Elevation group, Black Belt recruiting, Building on a budget and much more.
  5. Mike Filsaime: Butterfly Marketing, 7 figure code, tweetglide, Evergreen Business System and much more.
  6. Anik Singal: Lethal Commissions: Profit Jackpot, Affiliate Classroom, PPC Classroom
  7. Daegan Smith: Maximum Leverage, Recruit Like Crazy
  8. Joel Therien: Kiosk, GVO, Host Then Profit, Hot Conference, eResponder pro, Meet Cheap, GVO Conference, 7 Minute workout

As you can see there are many things to consider when you get going online.  Make sure you put your time in finding out which software, sytem or marketer to use or follow.  Have a question on any of this, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you with the best answer I can.