Pregnancy Massage the right way

In a strange twist of marketing events and in honor of fathers day, I am going to write about something I have had the opportunity to experience at least 3 times…Pregnancy with my wife.

With every pregnancy comes growing aches and pains.  The questions lies in how to alleviate them.

While there is much evidence that home massage can be a great way to soothe backache, limit swelling, and help to fight stretch marks, there are also a few things you should know about home massage during pregnancy before you try it yourself!  Here are a few of the facts you should be aware of:

*Before you start any kind of home massage program during pregnancy, you should first get the all clear from your doctor.  There are certain conditions that limit the areas that you can practice home massage during pregnancy, and some that means you should avoid the practice altogether. 
* It is a good idea to learn how, and where, it is safe to massage during pregnancy.  Some types of pressure are not recommended during pregnancy, and it is best to learn a few techniques before you try them!
* Certain massage oils and lotions, particularly those that contain herbs, are not considered safe for use during pregnancy.  Make sure that you avoid products that contain those ingredients. 
* There are certain positions that are considered safe for massage during pregnancy – for instance, lying on your side.  However, those positions that put pressure on your abdomen should be avoided.

Home massage during pregnancy can be physically, emotionally, and mentally beneficial to you, your partner, and your baby.  Make sure that you educate yourself about safe practices, and that you report any strange side effects to your doctor, however, if you want to get the benefits without the risks.

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Feel free to share a comment below to let us know how you solved some of your aches and pains below!  With my wife and I, she often found it comforting to sit in front of me and have me massage her back, or from the side, I could massage her feet and legs.  Everyone is different of course.