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Not another fake server overload with Mike Dillard

So you may have heard about marketers who cause their sites and servers to go down to bring on an appearance of limited quantities due to many people watching their video or trying to purchase their product all at once.

See the attached picture and you will notice that Mike Dillard, of the Elevation Group was getting 7000 requests per second on thier 3rd video that was released today and did in fact crash their servers.

The video should be up and running anywhere near 8pm EST where you can find out what Mike Dillard sees as his economic outlook for 2012.

The Elevation Group is an online community where monthly modules take you and educate you on all aspects of finance and investing from life insurance to metals investing and from real estate to using your IRA in ways outside of the norm.

Mike Dillard will also be offering membership again in the group and you would be wise to consider this offer. Having an education and knowing the right steps to take as well as the right people to contact will be worth more than the cost of the course and membership.

It will be the educated that will succeed in times of economic chaos while those un educated will fall behind. Which group would you rather belong to?

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Warren Buffet Lost His Shirt, are his pants next?

Today, December 8, 2011, marks the release of the second video in the Elevation Groups Year in Review video series.

Elevation Group Year in Review Video 2 released
Elevation Group Year in Review Video 2 released


Mike Dillard, the founder of the Elevation Group brings you inside his recent mastermind group where he has his team being interviewed in front of a group of members down in Austin TX. This video goes into detail on how they have improved their financial status while major players like “Warren Buffet lost his shirt”. The question to ask is are his pants next?

Mike Dillard stresses that while gold, silver, real estate and more are good to invest in, educational knowledge in what has happened in the past through history in cyclical patterns as well as what is occurring now and indicating what will become is the best commodity to have these days. It is the educated who will come out on top when the global collapse of the dollars occurs in many countries.

See what Mike Dillard has to say that might just help you learn as well to be prepared at ==>

This is the 2nd of three videos being released with the final portion coming on Monday December 12, 2011. They will also be welcoming new members into the Elevation Group on Monday as well where you can learn more about all aspects of what is to come in the financial and security future with topics ranging from stocks, gold/silver investing, gun safety (to help protect your assets in chaos), life insurance, using your IRA to invest in other properties such as metals and real estate and much more.

Currently there are 16 modules you will be able to access, while on average they have been adding one more each month, with much member participation in the comment/forum areas. I can not stress enough how important it is to be educated.

Now could you search all over and find this online, sure you could, though you will not have the extensive support group involved with the Elevation Group. Currently Mike Dillard has recruited Robert Kiyosaki’s CPA to come over and work with them. Now wouldn’t you trust this CPA? I know I would, but you need to always do your due diligence.

Come see what Mike has to say about all this in the third video now:

Elevation Group
Leave me a comment with the email you used to registed for the video and I will help you out with a complimentary membership to the Wealth Upgrade club. The Elevation group video is free to watch and when you take the next step when video 3 is released, I will have many more bonuses, including help setting you your business which compliments one of the major modules in the Elevation Group!

So go watch now and educate yourself. Only the educated are going to come out on top, while those who are not educated will falter.

Affiliate Sales Elevation Group Finances Mike Dillard Safety

Elevation Group Year in Review Videos

To help commemorate the first anniversary of The Elevation Group, Mike Dillard invited twelve Members of The Elevation group, to join his financial team in Austin Texas to share their stories as they hold their 2011 Year-In-Review.

While the video of this event was going to be for the eyes or the Elevation Group Member’s only, they decided to open this footage up to YOU and the rest of public in order to let you see with your very own eyes, that despite the bad news that fills the airwaves on a daily basis, there is a group of real people from around the world who believe in a better future for themselves and their family, and who are doing something about it.

Between now and December 16th, they are going to be releasing 3 videos from this live event absolutely free.

You can see these video right now here–>

Use this link to watch Part 1 and please be sure to leave me a comment on what you thought. 

After you watch Part I, you’ll also notice a link to a report where Mike Dillard shares the exact 7-Step formula he’s used to predict the financial future.

This formula has made him up to a 300% ROI despite the fact that he’s not a trader or financial guru of any kind…

When you opt in to view this video I am going to also give you a bonus of an upgrade to a Free Silver membership in the Wealth Upgrade Club, which I also belong to in addition to the Wealth Upgrade club.  This holds a true $27 value, though I will give you backdoor access to this.  Just leave a comment letting me know you opted into video one and I will confirm with Mike and forward you the details to get in!

Here is a quick video I made last year when the Elevation group came out showing the back office…I am a member, not just some affiliate who doesn’t belong and tries to sell without knowing what it is really about.  I will still honor the bonus mentioned in it if you decide to take action when the last video comes later next week.

Like what you see? Be sure to share it with the communities below.


Internet Safety and Safe Eyes video turns pork into porn

I just watched an amuzing video for Internet Safety that hits close to home now that I have kids in the habit of getting online.

As many searches end up being for something totally inappropriate, having the proper firewalls and blocks set up for your unexpecting youth are a necessity. For example, I was having a conversation with my Dad the other day and he mistakenly (or ignorantly!) called youtube, “itube”!

We all had a laugh at his expense, but when I tried to type this in I found a site that someone had owned but was only in the parked state, meaning there were related google ads filling the page. This was not a big deal or course, so I decided to type in “” and got the shocker of a lifetime when a porn site showed up.

So here is your disclaimer: Don’t put that site ( into your browser unless you are of age and willing to view objects which some consider to be inappropriate.

As the google search engines seem to speed things up for you and auto fill your searches, this is where the person not paying attention and clicking away at the first thing that pops up might experience the shock of their lifes. It is up to you to make sure they are protected against this by following the appropriate procedures such that Safe Eyes follows.

You can find out more about Internet Safety and Safe Eyes at


Are You Prepared Greg Schmidt Investing Metals Safety

Home and gun safety video removed for content

For the next two days, you can learn a few tips and tricks to help you be prepared for future disasters. As it is always better to be proactive than reactive, you need to take the necessary steps in order to keep you and your family safe ahead of time.

Greg Schmidt of YouArePrepared has put together an introductory preparedness video stressing some key areas in your life you need to be planning in. Home security, gun safety, financial planning and disaster preparation are teh first few modules included in the community which is growing on a daily basis.

You may have heard that the price of silver and gold contiue to increase. It is now you should be investing in these hard assets, though you need to make sure you follow proper protocols in your investment. Being a member will allow you to get the facts in line and get started towards a better life.

When you join through this link ==> I will send you your first ounce of silver in your investment plan. These are valued over $40 each now and will be a nice little incentive to join as it will grow over time and could be worth much more that the cost of the membership in a short period of time.

When it comes to disaster prep, all you need to do is look into the news over the last couple months with tornados, flooding, hurricanes and the likes. Ask yourself a serious question, are you prepared? Are you ready to go with limited notice. Are you prepared when someone comes to your house or your business and want to loot and pillage?

It is time to get prepared today. You won’t get it all done at once, but building up the correct way over time will allow you to protect yourself and your family. So get going and start getting prepared today.

Be sure to leave a comment on how you get prepared. Perhaps something you say could help save someone’s life in the near future.

Are You Prepared Greg Schmidt Investing Metals Safety

You Are Prepared Silver ounce bonus announcement

With yesterdays release of a preparedness video by Greg Schmidt, the president of YouArePrepared, I wanted to give a great incentive to those who took action and joined the community.

If you look at the picture, you see an ounce of silver above. As of today it is worth about $40. With rising expectations based on the performance of metals and falling US dollar, Silver is looking to be one of the best methods of investment.

I can not guarantee how much silver will grow to per ounce, but this is where the bonus comes in, when you join today through this link

In addition to what you will learn from the community and Greg Schmidt, you will be getting some bonuses from him. I want to sweeten the pot as well and throw in some bonuses as well from me.

My kick but bonuses for joining You Are Prepared:
1) I will purchase and mail you your first ouce of silver. Do with it what you wish, but I would suggest securing it in a safe of some sort and watch the value develop.
2) I will send a DVD to your house as well with some key reports to compliment the community in regards to safety (self defense, home security, online safety etc.)
3) I will have some unannounced bonuses as well to share with you once we get going in the community and you stay a member.

If you pay and stay with the full plan you will get your bonuses earlier, while those using the monthly plan will have to wait for some of their bonuses to be released as I will earn a commission on thes membership and will need to be compensated accordingly before I can release funds to you. I hope you understand where I am coming from here as there are people who like to buy, get bonuses and ask for refunds too soon.

So spend some time checking out this video and start getting yourself prepared today. Make sure to send Greg an email as well to get your additional blueprint to help guide your way to safety and security in your life.

Are You Prepared Concealed Carry Report Greg Schmidt Safety Tim Schmidt

Are you prepared for burglary, disaster or a crashing market

I am just curious tonight if you are prepared for burglary, disaster or a crashing market?

I have been listening to brothers Tim and Greg Schmidt for a few years now in regards to preparation and being ready when it is most needed.

Tim Schmidt runs the US Concealed Carry Association

Greg Schmidt runs “You Are Prepared”

Both brothers are sharing their knowledge to help you better prepare for the worst case scenario. I believe in their messages, as do thousands of others who have joined their associations. I will be putting together a little video in the next day or so in regards to the back office to see what you get when you join Greg Schmidt’s You Are Prepared

The major focus and theme is “Expect the best, Prepare for the worst” where some of the initial videos and modules focus on topics such and home and personal safety, the falling market and investing strategies, disaster preparation and gun safety.

Unless you have been living in a deep hole lately, you know that the market has not performed up to par and that metals are the major trading item lately with gold costing nearly $1800 an ounce and silver being around $40 an ounce, where just a year ago they were under $1000 and under $20, respectively (forgive me for my lack of exact numbers here in this post)

I would like to provide a little incentive for you to join me as a member of

1) I will buy and send you your first ounce of silver! What a way to start out with something that has the potential for massive growth right from the beginning. SOme forecasters are estimating silver to be worth more than $1000/oz while gold goes as well, so this alone can cover the cost of your membership.

2) I will send you a DVD with 4 great reports including: Total Safety, Self Defense, Shop Safe Online and Child Safety

3) unannounced bonuses to follow!

Now I do not want to get all depressed and morbid with you, but I would not feel right if something happened to you or a loved one that could have been prevented in regards to safety.

On the financial end, risking all your money in the stock market now would not be highly suggested, unless you are very educated. Both the modules and community communication will help you become more informed in regards to appropriate investment strategies.

So go now and watch Greg Schmidt’s quick video on becoming prepared. As you will see there are thousands of comments on some of his videos. This social proof alone should be enough to assure you this is great content. The bonuses I will be giving will be the icing on the cake!

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Don’t be the next burglar victim

In today’s economy, we all need to make money somehow. We also need to protect those things that this money buys and even more importantly protect ourselves, our loved ones and our homes.

As the saying goes, “Expect the best, prepare for the worst!” There is no shame in being prepare. It of course if better to pro-active than reactive. In many cases you might not have enough time be reactive. For example, if you are overcome, or jumped, by a stranger lurking around your house, you might only have a fraction of a second, if that to recover and get your bearings.

A few simple steps can quickly help to dramatically reduce the chances of this even happening. My associate, Greg Schmidt has put together a short video and guided checklist of some quick and easy fixes you can do to your yard/home as well as suggest to your neighbors, so that they too can be safe.

The more well prepared the neighborhood is, the less likely there will be an issue of theft and burglary. As the other saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Taking necessary steps, which you can start to implement this week and weekend are going to have massive benefits for you down the road in terms of improving your overall safety.

Go see what Greg has to say at: ==>

Don’t just watch it though, make sure you download/watch the video as well as leaving a comment on Greg’s page. Last I checked there were over 1200 informed citizens

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Is your home safe from invaders?

Greg Schmidt, the president of “YouArePrepared” just released a great little video on getting your home prepared to protect yourself and your family from invaders.

He has also put together a short 4 page guided checklist on some simple things you can do yourself or rather inexpensively to get your house guarded against a burglar.

Click the link or copy/paste into your browser ==>

Rather ironic that this should come out the day after the tenth anniversary of September 11th. There is no time like the present to prepare yourself. As they say, Expect the best, prepare for the worst.

I would write more, but I think I will go trim some more bushes!

mobile device Phantom Alert Safety smart phone

Phantom Alert keeps you safe while driving

I just saw this great new safety device that should interest you. 
First of all, for the rest of the month they have a Lifetime one time
purchase of just $99.

Phantom alert works with your smart phone and Garmin/GPS to alert you
of checkpoints such as Speed Traps, Dui, School Zones, red light
cameras and more.

Sounds like it is wrong to know where these are.  Police think it
helps as you will slow down or not drive at all.  Think about the
only way home after a few drinks.  You might have to pass a check
point.  $99 is much better than thousands of dollars in tickets
and lawsuits later if you actually hurt something or some one.

Avoid traffic tickets w/PhantomAlert for iphone