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Not another fake server overload with Mike Dillard

So you may have heard about marketers who cause their sites and servers to go down to bring on an appearance of limited quantities due to many people watching their video or trying to purchase their product all at once.

See the attached picture and you will notice that Mike Dillard, of the Elevation Group was getting 7000 requests per second on thier 3rd video that was released today and did in fact crash their servers.

The video should be up and running anywhere near 8pm EST where you can find out what Mike Dillard sees as his economic outlook for 2012.

The Elevation Group is an online community where monthly modules take you and educate you on all aspects of finance and investing from life insurance to metals investing and from real estate to using your IRA in ways outside of the norm.

Mike Dillard will also be offering membership again in the group and you would be wise to consider this offer. Having an education and knowing the right steps to take as well as the right people to contact will be worth more than the cost of the course and membership.

It will be the educated that will succeed in times of economic chaos while those un educated will fall behind. Which group would you rather belong to?

Affiliate Sales Elevation Group Finances Mike Dillard

2012 Economic Outlook by Mike Dillard

On Monday December 12, 2012, Mike Dillard released the 3rd video in his Elevation Groups Year in Review series.

In his first two videos, each over 1 hour in length and full of economic and financial eduation to help you succeed in the chaos taking place recently.  Sharing how he has beaten the likes of Warren Buffet and other top performing mutual funds, Mike Dillard brings about his predictions on the year ahead.

Watching these videos could be the smartest things you do this year and perhpas even this decade to prepare you for what is to come.  Looking back at the cyclical events that have occurred over the course of our history is a good start and the Elevation Group brings these all to the table in theri membership.

After the video, Mike will be presenting you with an opportunity to become a member of the Elevation group, where you can continue your Economic Education and get you in touch wwith the right people to build your financial future.

When you use this link to take action on this and join me as a member, I will have a nice bonus to start you out on the right track in your investment strategies.

1) I will also be providing you a “silver” membership in the Wealth Upgrade Club which is another means for you to improve your financial education.  It is those that are educated that will be the ones that succeed in this economy.

2) I will also be complimenting Mike’s Business module with 2 full hours of my time getting you setup in your business.  We will do a one hour call to get you going and then another hour once you have been moving for a couple weeks to be your “checks and balances” so to speak.

3) 6 month text message coaching.  You can text, or email me for that matter anything you want in regards to moving your business online for a full 6 months and I’ll be sure to get back to you within the day.

4) More unnanounced bonuses to follow

Just contact me when you take action and I will confirm with Mike Dillard and start the process.

Don’t wait==>


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Warren Buffet Lost His Shirt, are his pants next?

Today, December 8, 2011, marks the release of the second video in the Elevation Groups Year in Review video series.

Elevation Group Year in Review Video 2 released
Elevation Group Year in Review Video 2 released


Mike Dillard, the founder of the Elevation Group brings you inside his recent mastermind group where he has his team being interviewed in front of a group of members down in Austin TX. This video goes into detail on how they have improved their financial status while major players like “Warren Buffet lost his shirt”. The question to ask is are his pants next?

Mike Dillard stresses that while gold, silver, real estate and more are good to invest in, educational knowledge in what has happened in the past through history in cyclical patterns as well as what is occurring now and indicating what will become is the best commodity to have these days. It is the educated who will come out on top when the global collapse of the dollars occurs in many countries.

See what Mike Dillard has to say that might just help you learn as well to be prepared at ==>

This is the 2nd of three videos being released with the final portion coming on Monday December 12, 2011. They will also be welcoming new members into the Elevation Group on Monday as well where you can learn more about all aspects of what is to come in the financial and security future with topics ranging from stocks, gold/silver investing, gun safety (to help protect your assets in chaos), life insurance, using your IRA to invest in other properties such as metals and real estate and much more.

Currently there are 16 modules you will be able to access, while on average they have been adding one more each month, with much member participation in the comment/forum areas. I can not stress enough how important it is to be educated.

Now could you search all over and find this online, sure you could, though you will not have the extensive support group involved with the Elevation Group. Currently Mike Dillard has recruited Robert Kiyosaki’s CPA to come over and work with them. Now wouldn’t you trust this CPA? I know I would, but you need to always do your due diligence.

Come see what Mike has to say about all this in the third video now:

Elevation Group
Leave me a comment with the email you used to registed for the video and I will help you out with a complimentary membership to the Wealth Upgrade club. The Elevation group video is free to watch and when you take the next step when video 3 is released, I will have many more bonuses, including help setting you your business which compliments one of the major modules in the Elevation Group!

So go watch now and educate yourself. Only the educated are going to come out on top, while those who are not educated will falter.

Affiliate Sales Elevation Group Finances Mike Dillard Safety

Elevation Group Year in Review Videos

To help commemorate the first anniversary of The Elevation Group, Mike Dillard invited twelve Members of The Elevation group, to join his financial team in Austin Texas to share their stories as they hold their 2011 Year-In-Review.

While the video of this event was going to be for the eyes or the Elevation Group Member’s only, they decided to open this footage up to YOU and the rest of public in order to let you see with your very own eyes, that despite the bad news that fills the airwaves on a daily basis, there is a group of real people from around the world who believe in a better future for themselves and their family, and who are doing something about it.

Between now and December 16th, they are going to be releasing 3 videos from this live event absolutely free.

You can see these video right now here–>

Use this link to watch Part 1 and please be sure to leave me a comment on what you thought. 

After you watch Part I, you’ll also notice a link to a report where Mike Dillard shares the exact 7-Step formula he’s used to predict the financial future.

This formula has made him up to a 300% ROI despite the fact that he’s not a trader or financial guru of any kind…

When you opt in to view this video I am going to also give you a bonus of an upgrade to a Free Silver membership in the Wealth Upgrade Club, which I also belong to in addition to the Wealth Upgrade club.  This holds a true $27 value, though I will give you backdoor access to this.  Just leave a comment letting me know you opted into video one and I will confirm with Mike and forward you the details to get in!

Here is a quick video I made last year when the Elevation group came out showing the back office…I am a member, not just some affiliate who doesn’t belong and tries to sell without knowing what it is really about.  I will still honor the bonus mentioned in it if you decide to take action when the last video comes later next week.

Like what you see? Be sure to share it with the communities below.

Affiliate Sales Elevation Group Finances Mike Dillard

MIke Dillard Show’s you How to succeed in today’s economic chaos

I have been a member of the Elevation Group for just about a year now.  This is Mike Dillard’s latest and greatest in the online world.  The former waiter who is responsible for the likes of “Magnetic Sponsoring,” “MLM Traffic Formual,” “Black Belt Recruiting” and much more left his business leadership position to find out what is really going on with the economy these days and developed the Elevation Group, whose main goal is to help you succeed in today’s economic chaos.

Despite the fact that he’s not an investor, trader, or financial guru of any kind, Mike Dillard’s made a 300%+ return since 2008, while the rest of the world  has lost 30-40% of their portfolio.  He even has done the unthinkable and recruited Robert Kiyosaki’s CPA to work with them.  I am sure most people would stop what they were doing and listen to the CPA of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author.

Mike Dillard's Elevation Group Year in Review
Mike Dillard's Elevation Group Year in Review

Mike Dillard wants to share everything he has learned and what his predictions are in a free, three video Year in Review series he is releasing on Monday December 5, 2011.  You can gain access to these videos here –>

Recently Mike Dillard invited 12 members down to Austin Texas to film a session about how these indiviuals have prospered with the education they gained the last 12 months.  Originally planning to keep it with the members area for current members, The Elevation Group has decided to share this knowledge in hopes of gaining new members with all interested parties.

To give you a hint at the information provided to members, watch the short video I made below showing some of the lessons based on Wealth Transfers, Silver and Gold investing, Whole life insurance, Profiting from hyperinflation, Disaster preparedness, starting a home business, real estate, trading stocks and much more.  Yes, I am a member as mentioned before, not just some super affiliate looking to make a quick buck but not actually taking part in the course.  Heck, I could care less if you joined as a member, because that would mean there is more for me to invested in instead, though I would be very curious why you wouldn’t join.

This is actually a video I filmed when The Elevation Group just opened last year, but gives you the idea of what is in the back office. They are now into their 16th lesson and have been averaging one major lesson per month which is good to reduce the concept of information overload.  The bonuses within are still good and I will honor them should you choose to join as a member.  I will be having other bonuses as well to choose from if you want something different.

All you have to do now is go see Mike Dillard and his Elevation Group Year in Review videos now for Free and make your own informed decision whether this is the education you want for yourself and your family at this point.

There is a saying that goes with many telemarketers that goes something like this “You almost can’t afford not too!”  If you have ever heard one of them using that line, you always have to take it with a grain of salt, though with this type of information, the saying might almost be dead on.

Be sure to leave your comments below and share this post with your freinds (there are many options below for this)

PS: I have a quick action bonus for anyone opting in to watch the first video: A complimentary membership to the Wealth Upgrade Club!

Wealth Upgrade Club Elevation Group Bonus
Wealth Upgrade Club Elevation Group Bonus

Now when you click the banner above, you will actually be brought to the paid page showing a cost of $27 real US Dollars….go ahead and try and you’ll pay $27 bucks for what I am going to give you for nothing when you watch video #1 of the Elevation Group year in review where Mike Dillard teached you how to succeed in today’s economic chaos.  Just leave me a comment below with the email you registed with and I will confirm it with Mike and send you the secret link to get your bonus acces to the Wealth Upgrade Club.



Daegan Smith Finances Maximum Leverage Taxes

Daegan Smith and his IRS scavenger hunt

This is some scary stuff you don’t want to happen to you in you own a business:
I had to share this story Daegan Smith of “Maximum Leverage” Sent me.

learn more about Daegan here:
It’s one everyone needs to read, at least, that is, if you pay taxes.

“The Mythical $180k IRS Scavenger Hunt”
– Daegan Smith

Our story begins on …

April 15th of 2011 as our hero, a young
and energetic lad, reluctantly returns
to his native home in Washington DC from
a land far far away.

Not long after settling in he routinely
checks his mailbox and that’s where he
sees it for the first time.

His heart almost stops dead.

He feels all the blood rushing from his
head as the room begins to spin.

Before nature can take over he swiftly
moves to his couch and sits.

The only thought going through his head

“This can’t be.”

“I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Why me?”

In his hand, he holds a letter from none
other than the most diabolical force in
the universe.

How had THEY found him?

Why had THEY targeted him?

He’d done nothing wrong.

As he looked down at letter from the
IRS, it read …

“Congratulations Mr. Smith! We’ve chosen
you to send us an extra $600,000. Please
send us a check my next Tuesday or

The epic battle begins.

It’s young Mr. Smith vs. the biggest
gangsters the world has ever known.

Not a fair fight for sure …

Realizing this …

The quick witted Mr. Smith decides to
even the odds.

He calls his money Merlin Jay.

Jay says …

“Clearly they’re trying to bully you. We
need to meet in person immediately. Fax
me what they sent you and meet me

The next day …

The young lad assigns his new wizard the
right to represent him in the epic
battle to come, but before the meeting
adjourns the money wizard Jay mentions

“You’ve got a LOT of work ahead of you.
You’ll need to enlist aid that you can

The young lad thinks “Hmm …”

“I think she’s up for the task …”

The next day he had another warrior, a
new guardian, enlisted for the epic
brawl to come.

Over the next two months, and many back
and forth battles with his nemesis,
Adrianne proves to be his greatest

She forges all of the weapons and
shielding for the money wizard Jay to do
battle with the beast, And …

Each battle Jay returns alive and

Ready to fight another day.

Now …

Both sides are at stand still.

Our nemesis, the omnipresent,
oppressive, and always watching, IRS has
called out the battle ground.

The date: October 18th.

The terms: $180k in cancelled checks and

Right now, as you read this, make no
mistake …

Our young hero, and his warriors
continue, the final $180 scavenger hunt.

Optimistic, fearless, and ready for …

The final showdown.

Will the young lad Mr. Smith slay the

Only time will tell, but our young hero
has been known to slay a few dragons in
the past. See him slay one here:

How Daegan Does it

Stay tuned for the epic conclusion …

To the top,

David Gardner
How To Make Money By
Simply Sharing This Lesson

Would you like to share this valuable
lesson and create a new residual income
stream for free to boot? It’s a simple
as 1-2-3!

1. Join Daegan’s Maximum Leverage partner program here:

2. Use your partner link you’ll receive
after joining.

3. Post this lesson to your blog with
your partner link, load it as an email
to your autoresponder series, and send
it out as a broadcast article to your


Three lies about money with Millionaire Secrets mentor James Malinchak

If you live in the US, you for sure have seen the commercials for ABC’s new reality show, Secret Millionaire.  This premiered on March 6, 2011 to over 12 million people tuning in.

In two weeks, the 3rd episode arrives and features self made millionaire James Malinchak, a motivational speaker.  Unlike many other millionaire, who might not want to share the way they made their money, for fear of you doing the same and taking away their business somehow, James is the opposite and is a teacher.  He wants you to learn how to make money just as well.

Ironically, I started reading “We Want You To Be Rich” by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki yesterday and their mindset is the same.  These two are both millionaires (billionaires with Trump of course) who are also teachers.  They fear that the population will continue to decline financially unless their education in this field improves.

Mindset plays an important role as does making a difference.  This is what all three of this men are working on in their everyday lives.  How can they help others.  Making money along the way is the bonis of course.

Currently James Malinchak has just released a new video series which gets into details of the Three Lies aboout money Which you can see here ==>

Millionaire Secrets Revealed
Millionaire Secrets Revealed

This coincides with James new product call the Millionaire Secrets Revealed, which will be available on March 22, 2011.  By signing up to get the video series here ==> you will also gain early access or first notice should the Millionaire Secrets Revealed be opened early.

I highly suggest checking out this video series and improving your education both financially and within the mind so that you may become successful over the next months and years.  For more information, visit my blog at

Elevation Group Finances Mike Dillard

Elevation Group Sale

Just a quick post here following up my post from a month or so ago, but Mike Dillard has re-opened The Elevation Group and is giving a massive 50% Discount on the Monthly and 75% discount on the yearly cost for a few more hours (set to expire February 13, 2011 until midnight) after which it will be back to regular full price.

In this short video, Mike Dillard give an exclusive look at the back office to the Elevation Group (which I also did in the other post as well at  Along with this, whether you choose now or when the cost goes up, I will still honor my offers of certain bonuses…go read the past post to find out more.

There is no time to keep wasting time reading here, when he can explain it much better, but come join us now if you have any financial sense and responsibility.

See you there at The Elevation Group!


Mike Dillards New Elevation Group

Find out more about the Elevation Group at


Elevation Group Price of Coffee Increase

I just got this email this morning from BetterNetworker, where I maintain a memebership and needed to share it with you.  Yesterday I wrote about Mike Dillards 7 Economic Stages that we have gone through and this morning, everyones friend over at the forum, Jason Better, went on a little rant that needed to be shared.  Make sure you go see the video he is talking about here!

“Is it just me or does it seem like the price of home brewed coffee has doubled lately?

   I “waltzed” into my local grocery store to buy coffee last week.
   Would you believe that it now costs $9.59 to buy a tin of plain old Maxwell House coffee these days?
   I said, a “tin of coffee”.

   But that’s kind of stretching the truth…
   They don’t even use metal in these coffee “tins” these days…
    They seriously package coffee in containers made out of recycled cardboard covered in reflective tinfoil now…
   What is the world coming to?
   You know I wonder about it some days….
   The world is a crazy place.
   Here’s another crazy fact for you to contemplate…
   In 1851 the New York Times Daily Edition sold for a penny.
   Obviously the price has gone up a little since then.
   But here’s something even weirder…
   What you might not know is that it has gone up even more since 1999.
   In 1999 the New York Times daily edition cost $0.75.
   In 2009 it went up to $2.00.
   That’s an increase of 166.66% from 1999 to 2009 alone!
   I’m sure that would be fine if the New York Times was the only thing suffering from insane price increases lately…
   But it most certainly is not.
   For example, in 1999 it cost $2.28 to withdraw cash from an ATM machine.
   Now it costs over $3.54 at some places.
   That’s an increase of 55.26%!
   Do you remember “back in the day”?
   When you could simply walk in and withdraw your hard earned savings without getting robbed blind by your bank?
   Do you remember what it feels like to talk to a real live human being when you visit your local bank?
   Most people these days do not.
   I miss those days…
   And don’t even get started on the price of a gallon of gas…
   Actually, let’s get me started on that…
   I think this will hammer my point in…
   In 1999 a gallon of gasoline cost approximately $1.30.
   In 2009 it cost $2.56.
   Yeppers, that’s an increase of 96.92%!
   What is the price of a gallon of gas today?
   No idea.
   But I do know that on May 10, 2010…
   It averaged $2.91 country wide!
   That’s just not right.
   I’m tempted to think that the worst part of this economic crisis hasn’t even begun to hit us in full force yet…
   In spite of so-called “financial experts” turning a blind eye to the facts…
   Saying that we are in a “recovery”…
   We most certainly are not…
   I know that’s terrible to say…
   But I call it like I see it…
   And in spite of all my “whining” today… I do have good news…
The good news is…
   If you’re running your own home based business or starting one….
   Well then, the next couple of years of this “economic recovery” are going to be the most important years of your financial life…
   How can I possibly say that?
   It’s simple really…
   There’s a lot of tragedy happening these days…
   That’s for sure…
   But what most people don’t know is that during trying times of economic crisis like we are experiencing today…
   Whenever people are losing their jobs or income…
   Well that is exactly when they are looking to leaders and entrepreneurs like you to show them the way to a fresh new beginning…
   They are looking to you to lead them to financial success…
   No matter where you are today with your business building skills…
   Or your own personal financial success…
   You are most definitely more experienced than somebody who has just started out on their journey to freedom…
   Make no mistake, lots of ambitious men and women are still losing their jobs every day and they are worried about their future and their kids…
   They are attracted to the opportunities presented by our industry….
   You know I read this quote yesterday:
“During the worst years of the Depression (1933-1934) the overall jobless rate was 25% (1 out of 4 people) with another 25% taking wage cuts or working part time.”

   What do you think is happening today?
   What do you think the Unemployment Rate in this country is today?
   Well, let’s look at November 23, 2010:
   The Unemployment Rate for Nevada was 15.7%
   In Michigan it was 12.8%
   In California it was 12.4%
   In Florida was 11.9%
   And so on…
   Of course, those are only the “reported” numbers…
   Many experts disagree with those ones…
   They say it’s really much worse than what the government is telling us…
   And that it’s going to get dramatically worse before it gets better…
   What do you think? I don’t know whether or not to believe in “them”.
   I don’t necessarily think it’s a conspiracy.
But here’s what I do know….
   The people who make the most profit in tough economic times are the brave men and women who aren’t scared to face the truth…
   What a lot of people don’t know is that more millionaires were made during the Great Depression than during any other crisis in human history.
   This is your golden opportunity to “grab the tiger by the tail”…
   To build a legacy for yourself, your family, and your kids, or maybe even your grand kids…
   Heck, here’s shooting for the stars, maybe you’ll even be able to retire someday if you haven’t done so already?
   So here’s to retirement! Preferably, early retirement…
   Because it’s never too early or too late to retire!
   But you will only be able to do so if you are prepared
   If you want to be prepared then I think you owe it to yourself to watch this video about the current state of our economy…

   It’s by one of the most successful millionaires I know.
   I have a hankering feeling that it may even save a life or two…
   By the way, he will probably try to sell you something at some point in time.
If he does, then I suggest that you listen to what he has to say, and make your own informed decision about whether or not you should buy.
   He certainly doesn’t sell anything in this video here
   It’s simply the most thought provoking video about the current condition of our economy that I have personally seen in ages…
   I wish he would make it available for download…
   Final Note: If you would like to leave your comments on this personal rant of mine, please click here to comment on this article, but watch this video first – it’s worth it!


   To your success,

   Jason the “Better Networker”