Marketing Addition

“Before You Grab Your 12 Days of Marketing Report, You Have One Chance To Join The Marketing Addition. This Can Change Your Business Forever And Get You Building With All the Right Tools!”

Step One: Watch this short 2 minute clip to find out why I am running this limited sale!

Step Two: Check out each of the items below to see what is in store for each part of this Marketing Addition!

 1) One EZ Share Generator: VALUE: $37

As a founding Member of the “Thank You Ad Network” I am going to hook you up with your own copy of the EZ Share Generator software my buddy Frank Salinas put together!  This is what you see as the pop up right here when you click this button below…There are other ways to set it up as well (for example as a pop over, exit pop etc.)

EZ_Share_Generator by Frank Salinas


2) Two Marketing Books: Butterfly Marketing by Mike Filsaime and The Execution Factor by Benjamin Jacques: VALUE: $67

These two books should be considered MUST reads by all wanting to put their feet into the business world.  If you can not physically take action on your work, and do not know what small changes to make to improve along the way, you will never make an progress…These two books delve into the basics of getting started online and are what helped me take off, recently publishing my own book in the Lacrosse Niche!

         The Execution Factor Marketing

Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Manuscript

3) Three DVD Packs including Speedy Profit Creator by Omar Martin, Webinar Basics and Self Improvement Millionaires Volume 1 & 2: VALUE: $697

These DVD sets get you going and provide just about everthing you need to get your first websites up and running and a couple years worth of products of add as your own or hold your hand to show you how to make your own products yourself.  The Self Improvement Millionaires comes full with over 70 Products, PDF’s/Websites and much more!

                     Webinar Basics and Speedy profit Creator DVD's   Self Improvement Millionaires DVD Volumes 1 & 2

4) Four Months of Blog articles to use as your own or tweak to fit your site: VALUE: $597

Here is where you will get over 120 articles and blog posts where you can build your blog and combine item number 9 below to gain some comments as well!

5) Five (hundred) or more backlinks to your website through! VALUE: $97

Here I will let YOU choose the package or “gig” you want and help build your SEO with some serious backlinks from around the internet, which means the money is coming out of MY pocket and not yours in order to grow your page.

6) Six(ty) minute strategy session and phone consult: VALUE: $247

We can talk about anything and everything you wish in regards to marketing…It is your time so we can gear it around your business.  Want to talk about setting up your first site…Cool with me…want to talk about cross sells…I am good with that too!  You will have a form to fill out for me to get a better idea of where you are coming from, but we will make the most of your 60 minutes!

Strategy Session for Marketing

7) Seven Day promo of your banner on my website, autoresponder signature file and in the resource section of my blog (you must have an affiliate link for this) VALUE: $997

Can you say PRICELESS!  I will add you in for 7 days on my sites….We can decide how you want your banner to look as well as what you want the autoresponder signatures to say to help focus my viewers towards your site (This is a lifetime 7 day autoresponder set up and will be added into my series on a first buy first appear basis!)

*NOTE: You must have set up an affiliate program here so when I send people back to your site, I can get some cookie love as well and then you know where the traffic really came from for tracking!

8) Eight Months text message support: helping you when you need it most! VALUE: $797

I will hook you up with my smart phone digits so that you can send me text messages with any questions you might have in regards to building your business.  If I am not busy, I might even give you a bonus live call or Skype during this time as well to help walk you through what you need to do to progress.

9) Nine Value added comments for 9 months on your blogs! Value $397

Again, here is another priceless bonus that is going to build status for your blog.  During the next 9 months, I will comment on up to 9 blog posts per month with value added content…In other words, I will read your post and leave a comment that you are proud to show the world and do not need to delete because it looks like all the other spam comments you are used to getting!

10) Ten Silver Level Membership sites with backdoor access to learn from the best in the marketplace: VALUE: $497

Your 10 Packs include the following:

  1. Traffic Generation Club
  2. Affiliate Profits Club
  3. eMarketers Club
  4. Web Profits Club
  5. Success Upgrade
  6. Power Copy Club
  7. Power Marketers Club
  8. Product Profits Club
  9. Wealth Upgrade Club
  10. Membership Marketers Club

11) DVD’s from Daegan Smith and the BONUS Physical Book as well for Email MLM Formula: VALUE: $997

This is a set of 11 DVD’s and a bonus 350+ page physical book that will be mailed to you that will walk you through all phases of building a network or multi level marketing team using Email and the internet.

Daegan Smith EMail MLM Formula DVD Sets
12) Twelve Months of Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets Journal Delivered to your door: VALUE: $497

These monthly journals are 40+ pages of top quality and up to date knowlwedge on what is working now in the Dot Com World.  Each Month you will get one delivered to your door…and yes, that is me holding the September 2012 issue where I am a featured story inside for winning Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secret X contest, which brought me over to Kenya with Russell in July 2012.

Dot Com Secrets Journal Issue Featuring Kenya Contest Winner Dave Gardner

Total Value of all of these in real world dollars if you were to go buy them individually and pay applicable tax and shipping would be at least $5924.00!

But that is not what you are going to pay here…

You are only going to pay a fraction of that!  Just about 17% of that Value and all the shipping is included!

Step Three: Secure your spot TODAY…I can only take on a handful of people in regards to live calls/one-on-one coaching, so get in NOW by clicking on the link below!

Buy the Marketing Addition Today!

Order Today For Just $997.00

This is a ONE TIME CHARGE…you will not get billed again for these products

NO THANKS DAVE, Just let me read my report on the 12 Days of Marketing instead!


Dave Gardner
Skype: barefootpainting

Refund Policy: Because of the nature of this sale as well as balancing physical and digital products, there will be a 14 day waiting period for all physical products to start being delivered, upon which the refund period will cease to exist, or in other words, will stop.  Once this time has passed and charges are complete, physical books, DVD’s and Journals will start being delivered for up to and including a period of 12 months for the Journals

Disclaimer:  I do not make any claims you will make any money from what you learn from the products included in this package.  I am not an employee of these companies and only act as an affiliate.  You will only grow your business if you take action and consider all options.  If you are not willing to take a calculated risk on learning and improving your value to the marketplaces, by all means please move on and do not purchase this “Marketing Addition” package.  Someone else will take the knowledge and be successful with it instead!

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